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Supporting research in the production, analysis, and storage of 21st Century data types.

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Center for Data Science

We are living in a data-driven world. Every sector in our global economy is using data to make better management and policy decisions. The mission of the AU School of Public Affairs' new Center for Data Science is to provide technical, managerial, and institutional resources to aid research and grant development focused on the production, analysis, and storage of 21st century data.

Across public, private, and nonprofit sectors, big data is making a big difference. Those with the right skills will lead this change. In fact, Data Scientist has ranked the number one job in America for the last three consecutive years. And by 2020, it is predicted that there will be a 28 percent increase in data science jobs.

In 2018, SPA established its Center for Data Science to focus on the theoretical and practical research aspects of computer technology, software engineering, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, simulation, modeling, and much more.

Workshop: Text As Data

Justin Grimmer, Professor, Department of Political Science, Stanford University
May 23-24, 2019 | 9AM-5PM | Kerwin Hall, Room TBD

This workshop introduces techniques to collect, analyze, and utilize large collections of text for social science inferences. The ultimate goal is to introduce participants to modern quantitative text analysis techniques and provide the skills necessary to apply the methods in their own research. In achieving this ultimate goal, students will also learn about core concepts in machine learning and statistics, developing skills that are transferable to other types of data and inference problems.

Faculty: Register here to attend the workshop.

Graduate Students: The deadline for applications has passed. Accepted students will be notified by April 15.

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For questions, please contact Jeff Gill

Workshop on Spatial Statistics for the Social Sciences

June 14, 2019 | 8:30AM-12:30PM | Kerwin Hall 311 (Dean's Conference Room)

Sponsored by the American University Center for Data Science.

This workshop is intended to introduce the important concepts and approaches to spatial statistical modeling. It is free and open to all interested researchers. We will cover both theoretical and practical (in R) principles from first principles to spatio-temporal specifications, including graphical analysis, fitting regression models, and Bayesian approaches. The featured Instructors are:

David Darmofal, University of South Carolina
Matthew Ingram, SUNY Albany
Chad Kinsella, Ball State University
James Monogan, University of Georgia

For questions, please contact Jeff Gill


Learn more about Jeff Gill, Distinguished Professor of Government, Professor of Statistics, and Member of the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience at American University.
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Women teaching data science class

MS Data Science

Build your skill set in data science with this shared degree program, offered by SPA and the AU College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).

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Undergraduate Researchers

The Center for Data Science is looking for undergraduate researchers who are interested in working with faculty projects associated with the center. Contact Jeff Gill

Institute for Data Science

In January, 2020, the center will sponsor a 2-week Institute for Data Science with 3 graduate course credits. Professor Ryan Moore will be the instructor. Participants also receive a certificate of completion.