The SPA Center for Data Science has established a formal relationship with the Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) at Harvard University. IQSS builds cutting-edge scientific infrastructure, supports wide community of scientists, and helps students, faculty, and staff leverage communal advances to accelerate research and support. This partnership includes sharing data through hosting a "dataverse" site at SPA, hosting Harvard University graduate students who need to visit Washington, DC for research purposes, and reciprocally a visiting semester at Harvard University for American University graduate students.

Open DP Logo

The Center for Data Science is affiliated with the Open DP project: a community of collaborators in academia, industry, and government to build trustworthy, open-source software tools for privacy-protective statistical analysis of sensitive personal data.


The Center for Data Science is a member of the Academic Data Science Alliance: a community network for academic data science leaders, practitioners, and educators.

Data Science Commitment

We joined the Data Science for Everyone Commitments Campaign and made our commitment to expanding access to quality data science education. It’s your turn to join #DS4Everyone to speak out about how you will take action. Learn more: