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"The unexamined life is not worth living."

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The mission of the Political Theory Institute (PTI) is to encourage the serious study of the great questions of political theory and to bring the insights of political theorists to bear on current issues and events.
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Working as a Political Theorist GOVT 296 (1 Credit)

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Saturday, March 23 & March 30
10AM to 5PM

Interested in political theory but worried about what you would do with a political theory degree? This new class, led by Juliana Geran Pilon, will introduce you to seven political theorists with high-profile jobs in think tanks, nonprofits, and journalism.

For more information, please email or ask your advisor.

Bill Kristol

On Campus ·

Bill Kristol Predicts More Uncertainty and Volatility in Political Landscape

At a lecture on Jan. 31, hosted by the SPA Political Theory Institute, conservative political commentator Bill Kristol shared his views on the rise of Donald Trump, the disruptive nature of his presidency, and the future of the Republican Party.
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The Purpose of a Liberal Education

Robert George and Cornel West led a discussion on the purpose of a liberal education at American University.

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2018 Students

The Political Theory Institute prepares students for a diverse array of graduate programs and career paths.

Jonathan Rauch's Top Ten Reasons Not to Silence Speech

Jonathan Rauch's Top Ten Reasons Not to Silence Speech

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Civil War Cannon

Research ·

Professors Link Relevance of Civil War to Political Debate Today

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Lecture Series

Alan Kahan
April 22, 2019 5:30—7PM
Kerwin 301
“The Three Pillars of Liberalism: Freedom, Markets, and Morals from the Enlightenment to the Present.”

Janus Forum Conversation

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