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Student Resources

If you are unfamiliar with LGBTQIA identities overall, please see the Media Reference Guide created by GLAAD for a list of up to date definitions

Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)

CDI is committed to providing students with multicultural, intersectional identities with a space to be their authentic selves. In addition to multicultural and first-generation college student programming, CDI also conducts LGBTQIA specific programs throughout the course of the academic year. Some of our events include

  • Workshops on understanding LGBTQ Identities
  • Affinity group lunches and mixers (Such as a Bisexual Chat and Chew)
  • Community building through art and self-expression
  • Creating a timeline of LGBTQ history for LGBTQ history month

Educational resources for students include our Trans Resource Guide and LGBTQ Housing Options. CDI additionally supports students by providing an ear when students are experiencing stress. For LGBTQ students, this often means meeting with our Assistant Director of LGBTQ Education and Support Programs, Khouri Lassiter (they/them). Finally, CDI has an LGBTQ specific weekly newsletter where you can find out about on and off campus LGBTQ events and volunteer opportunities.

We additionally have a Youtube channel you can find here that has a variety of playlists focusing on general social justice 101, LGBTQ identities, and other marginalized identities. These playlists are updated throughout the year, check back to see what new videos are up!

American University Health Center 

The Health Center at AU offers LGBTQ specific health resources that you can find here and includes hormone replacement therapy (HRT) initiation and maintenance. Nurses are also available to assist students in taking their first shot of testosterone! When you schedule an appointment with the health center you can select “Transgender Hormones” as the “Reason for Appointment” so you’ll be placed with one of the multiple staff members highly equipped to support students.

Additionally, Dr. David Reitman, the Director of the Student Health Center, is a great resource for trans and non-binary students as he specializes in LGBTQ specific health concerns.   

AU Center for Well-Being Programs and Psychological Services

The Well-Being Center strives to promote the educational success of students by supporting their intellectual, emotional, and social development through the provision of culturally aware clinical services, including: individual and group psychotherapy, outreach programming, consultation, and training opportunities. We are a multicultural and multi-theoretical staff who deeply value our global and diverse community. We take a stand against discrimination and oppression in any form. Since we recognize that not all diversity is universally valued, we feel a special obligation as a mental health agency to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for all our students. Services provided by the Well-Being Center include:

  • Individual counseling services
  • Group counseling (Drop-In)
    • Overcoming Procrastination
    • Managing Stress
    • Tackling Test Anxiety
  • Group counseling (full semester)
    • Understanding Self & Others: Insight-Oriented Process Groups
    • "CARE Group" for Survivors of Sexual Assault
    • Grief Group: Grieving and Growing through Connection
    • LGBTQ+ Group
      • This group is designed for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and other students navigating their sexual and/or gender identity. The group provides a confidential, safe, and supportive space for students to explore their sexual and/or gender identities, lived experience, coming out, dating, family, relationships, community, and other areas of interest to group members.
    • How to DEAL (with painful or strong feelings)
    • Our Voices: A Supportive Space for Students of Color
    • Social Skills Group
  • Off-campus referrals 

Dean of Students (DoS)

DoS can help with personal difficulties such as hospitalization, injury, extended illness, family problems or mental health concerns that affect one's academic success. Programs on important issues facing students such as alcohol and other drugs, sexual assault, body image, stress management and civility are also conducted through this office.


A student group on campus focused on shedding light on various issues within the LGBTQ+ community that are not being discussed in mainstream media to ensure for original and meaningful articles.


AU Pride
PRIDE is primarily made up of four committees which aim to represent different groups within the PRIDE community:

  • Queer and Trans People of Color
  • Queer and Progressive Men
  • Queer Women’s Advocacy Committee
  • Trans and Non-Binary Collective

These committees create fun and educational programming in order to build a safe space for those who identity with the respective communities. The groups hold social outings and events in order to build up the queer community on campus.