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Fernando, Gihan S
Assistant Vice Provost

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Steps to Getting Hired

  1. Accept job offer
  2. Obtain an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form from your supervisor or Human Resources and complete it within three (3) days of your start date. You must present original documents to an authorized representative, whose signature is required, so plan ahead and bring acceptable documents with you to campus.
  3. Obtain a District of Columbia Work Permit if you are under the age of 18. Learn how to do so by contacting Human Resources.
  4. Complete the Federal Tax Form (W-4), listing your permanent address, and the appropriate State Tax Form (D-4 for DC, MW-507 for MD, VA-4 for VA) based on your student residency to avoid being taxed at the highest bracket.
  5. Complete any additional paperwork, screenings, or training required by your employer.
  6. Confirm that your supervisor submits an electronic hiring action through the myAU portal.

Once hired, learn what it takes to get paid.