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Department of Math & Statistics

Offering graduate and undergraduate programs in Biostatistics, Data Science, Mathematics, Quantitative Analysis, and Statistics.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has programs at the undergraduate certificate, bachelor's, graduate certificate, and master's levels to help students develop a deeper understanding of mathematics.

One of the oldest branches of knowledge, mathematics involves the logical study of structures-including numbers, shapes, spaces, and other systems-identifying patterns in these structures and analyzing how they change. It can be studied as an intellectual discipline for its own sake or as a professional tool for application to other disciplines.

Statistics is the science of making decisions based on data. Because data can be based on incomplete observations or incorrect measurements, statisticians mitigate these uncertainties by building and applying quantitative tools and techniques for the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. They then utilize statistical techniques to discover and investigate patterns, build predictive models, and control variability to improve decision-making.

The department offers varied and flexible programs by combining the resources and knowledge of these related disciplines.


  • AU holds math circles for elementary and middle schoolers where kids get together to discuss challenging problems of the sort that they are unlikely to encounter in school.

  • Natalie Konerth (BS applied mathematics) received the Patriot League Field Hockey Scholar-Athlete of the Year Award for her second consecutive season.

  • Math prof Monica Jackson discusses the film Hidden Figures, mentoring mathematics, and challenges facing women of color in STEM fields.

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