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    Ward, Room 237

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4th Annual 5K Race to Representation

Saturday, March 28, 2015 at 8:00 AM

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Let's run to help close the gender gap in political leadership!

For more information and to register, visit here.



Anyone who registers online for the race after 12 PM on Wednesday, March 25th must pick up their race packet and bib at same-day registration on Saturday, March 28th. 

Online Registration closes at 6 PM on Friday, March 27th. If you have friends who would like to register, we will also accept registrations for the race on Saturday at 7 AM ($40 for general public).

Are Women More Honest than Men in Elections?

VIDEO DEC 10, 2014







Watch Jen discuss with MSNBC why more women don't run for elected office.

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Women in Politics

WPI_CSPAN 2014 elections women in pol







Watch Jen discuss with C-SPAN the impact the 2014 midterm elections had on the number of women serving in public office (as well as her report analyzing what gains women made.)

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Director's Message

It is impossible to deny the substantial progress women have recently made in government and politics. Over the course of the last 30 years alone, the number of women in Congress has more than tripled. . .

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Not a 'Year of the Woman'...and 2036 Doesn't Look So Good Either

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Abortion Politics Threaten Bipartisan Bills in Congress

Jen comments on abortion politics, bipartisanship, and stalemate.

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Clinton Already Sketching 'First Woman' Themes

Jen comments on what to expect from a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

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Will Clinton's Experience Be a Liability?

Jen comments on why the Hillary Clinton email "scandal" is gaining so much traction.

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Mikulski Leaves the Senate a Changed Place for Women

Jen comments more on Barbara Mikulski's retirement and how/when gender can still matter in campaigns and elections.

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Local News and Citizen Engagement in the Internet Age: Pew Research Center Report 2015

Journalist Resource cites Jen and Danny Hayes' research on the decline of local news and the status of citizen engagement.

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'The Dean of Senate Women' Is Leaving Washington

Jen comments on Barbara Mikulski's decision to retire.

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