Spring 2021 WPPL Courses

The following courses are approved for the Women, Policy and Political Leadership (WPPL) Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate Programs.

Core 3-Credit Courses

GOVT 482/682.001

Women and Politics
Vicky Wilkins
Wednesdays 5:30 PM - 8 PM

Women and Politics (3) examines the evolutionary role of women in politics-as voters, citizens, candidates, and leaders-from the Seneca Falls Convention to the present. The role of women's organizations and movements in the expansion of political and legal rights are also explored.

GOVT 483/683.001 

Women, Politics, and Public Policy 
Shilpa Phadke
Mondays 8:20 PM - 10:50 PM


Women, Politics, and Public Policy (3) analyzes issues that affect women, such as health care, welfare, educational equity, employment discrimination, and reproductive rights. Through the lens of the formal policy-making process, we examine agenda setting, legislation drafting, coalition building, and regulation enforcement. AU Core Integrative Requirement: Capstone. Crosslist: GOVT-683. Prerequisite: GOVT-110. Restriction: minimum 2.5 GPA.

GOVT 485/685.001 
Supreme Court & Women's Rights
Susan Green
Monday and Thursday 8:10 AM - 9:25 AM

Supreme Court & Women's Rights (3) This course examines the development of American law affecting women from the seventeenth century to the present. It focuses on Supreme Court cases addressing women's citizenship, voting rights, jury service, age of majority, military service, education, employment, sexual harassment, marriage, pregnancy and childbirth, and reproductive rights. Crosslist: GOVT-685-001.

Core 1-Credit Courses

GOVT 282.001 
Introduction to Women & Politics
Karen O’Connor 
January 30-31 (9AM-5PM)

Introduction to Women & Politics (1) This course is an intensive introduction to women and politics. Students in the course gain an understanding of the historical struggle of women for political, economic, and educational rights, as well as the major actors who were or continute to be involved in these effots.

GOVT 485/685.002 
Women, Sports, & Politics
Karen O’Connor 
February 27-28 (9AM-5PM)

Women, Sports, & Politics (1) This weekend seminar will explore the political aspects of women and sports participation historically. We will examine theories that barred women's participation based on their "weaker" physical attributes, to legislative repsonses such as Title IX, and the unionization of women in professional sports with their calls for equal pay for women soccer players will all be discussed. Crosslist: GOVT-685-002. 

GOVT 485/685.003
Women, Politics and Media
Amanda Fuchs Miller 
February 20-21 (9AM-5PM)

Women, Politics, and Media (1) This course acquaints students with important issues dealing with women, politics, and the media. While the numbers are improving, women are still underrepresented as cadidates and elected officials, as well as on the campaign trail as political journalists. Critics argue that news stories about women candidates, elected officials, and women's issues often fail to generate the same amount of coverage, and when they are covered by the media, they receive distinctly different coverage. This class gives students the opportunity to weigh the evidence surrounding these assertions by investigating the academic research, hearing first-hand accounts from experts in the field, and looking at real-life examples to examine the differences in political coverage. Crosslist: GOVT-685-003.

GOVT 485/685.005
Women, Leadership, Pollitics & Power
Laura Cox Kaplan 
March 20 & April 10 (9AM-5PM)

Women, Leadership, Politics & Power (1) This course explores what makes women unique as leaders and the challenges that tend to impact women more acutely than men. Students look at and discuss leadership competencies and the science behind confidence and risk taking and explore specific tools and practices to reduce self-doubt, while also increasing confidence and leadership potential. Crosslist: GOVT-685-005.

Additional 3-Credit Courses

ANTH-215.001/.002 Sex, Gender & Culture
ECON-374.001 Gender Roles and the Economy
ECON-675.001 Gender Perspectives on Economic Analysis: Macroeconomics
EDU 596.001 Gender, Education, & Development
HLTH-323.001/002 Issues in Women’s Health
PHIL-416.001/616.001 Feminist Philosophy
SISU-260.001/002/003 Identity, Race, Gender & Culture
SIS-619.013 Special Studies in Int’l Pol: Gender, Peace and Security
SOCY-454.001 Feminism, Gender and Sexuality 
SOCY-654.001 Feminism, Gender and Sexuality 
SOCY 669.001 Gender, Sexuality, and Migration
WGSS-225.001/002/003/004 Gender, Politics & Power
WGSS-340.001 Approaches to Queer Studies
WGSS-350.001 Interpreting Gender in Culture: Mental Health & Neuroqueerness
WGSS-350.002 Interpreting Gender in Culture: Gay and Lesbian Documentary
WGSS-350.003 Interpreting Gender in Culture: Black Masculinities
WGSS-350.007 Interpreting Gender in Culture: Spain: Long Walk to Equality
WGSS-350.006 Interpreting Gender in Culture: Geography of Gender/Dev in Africa
WGSS-400.001/400.002/600.001/600.002 Feminist, Gender, Sexuality Thry
WGSS-491/691.001 Internship
WGSS-496.002/696.002 Select Topics: Trans Theory & Pol/Americas 
WGSS-496.003/696.003 Select Topics: Feminist Philosophy
WGSS-496.004/696.004 Select Topics: Feminism, Gender and Sexuality

Additional 1-Credit Courses

SPA 085.002 Media Skills Training
GOVT 521.001 Topics in Campaign Management: Survey Research 2016 to 2020
GOVT 521.002 Topics in Campaign Management: Modeling/Big Data in Elections
GOVT 524.001 Topics in Public Affairs/Advocacy: Workshop on Ethics & Lobbying

WGSS 315.002 Race, Gender & State Violence
SPA 396.002 Changemakers: LGBTQ Equality

SPA 396.003 Changemakers: Gender Violence


Additional 4-Credit Courses

GOVT 520.001 Campaign Management Institute

Women and Politics Institute. Certificate in Women, Policy, and Political Leadership

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