Fall 2019 WPPL Courses

The following courses are approved for the Women, Policy and Political Leadership (WPPL) Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate Programs.

GOVT 482/682.001 3 Credit

Women and Politics 
Sarah Brewer
Tuesdays 5:30pm - 8:00pm  

Women and Politics (3) This course examines the evolutionary role of women in politics-as voters, citizens, candidates, and leaders-from the Seneca Falls Convention to the present. The role of women's organizations and movements in the expansion of political and legal rights are also explored. Prerequisite: GOVT-110. Restriction: minimum 2.5 GPA. 

GOVT 485/685.001 3 Credit

Women, Law & Litigating for Social Change
Karen O’Connor 
Wednesdays 8:20pm - 10:50pm 

This course provides an understanding and overview of the historical efforts of women to participate fully in the legal process as well as their impact on that process. Students gain an understanding of the day-to-day constraints faced by, as well as contributions made by, women lawyers and judges, and think critically about the impact of how women in the legal process are portrayed in the media. The course consists of class lectures and insights from women who have participated in the legal system in a variety of roles from the state and local to the national level. Prerequisite: GOVT-110. Restriction: minimum 2.5 GPA

Core 1-Credit Courses

Weekend Courses - Fall 2019

GOVT 485/685.002 1 Credit
Women in the Legal Profession
Karen O’Connor 
September 28-29 (9AM-5PM)

 Women in the Legal Profession (1) This course provides students with an understanding of historical efforts for women to become members of the legal profession and the discrimination women have experienced as lawyers and judges. Students think critically about how women are portrayed in the media, look at the influence women have had at the level of the U.S. Supreme Court, and hear from women involved in the legal process in a variety of venues. Prerequisite: GOVT-110. Restriction: minimum 2.5 GPA

GOVT 485/685.003 1 Credit
Women, Politics and the Media 
Amanda Fuchs Miller
September 21-22 (9AM-5PM)

Women, Politics and the Media (1) This course acquaints students with important issues dealing with women, politics, and the media. Women make up only 23.4% of the House of Representatives, 25% of the U.S. Senate, and 28.5% of state legislatures. Women are also underrepresented on the campaign trail as political journalists. Critics argue that news stories about women candidates, elected officials, and women's issues often fail to generate news coverage, and when they are covered by media, they receive distinctly different coverage. Students in this course weigh the evidence surrounding these assertions by investigating the academic research, hearing first-hand accounts from experts in the field, and looking at real-life examples to examine the differences in political coverage. 

GOVT 485/685.005 1 Credit
The Suffrage Centenary in 2020
Lucy Gettman
September 14-15 (9AM-5PM)

The Suffrage Centenary in 2020 (1) Passed by Congress June 4, 1919, and ratified on August 18, 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granted women the right to vote. This course explores the politics and policy around ratification and its impact on 100 years of women's history.  

GOVT 485/685.006 1 Credit
She Votes. She Leads.
Betsy Fischer Martin
October 5 (9AM-5PM); November 9 (9AM-5PM)

She Votes. She Leads. (1) Students in this course examine the impact of women's engagement in contemporary U.S. politics. The course focuses on gender differences in American political behavior and the importance and influence of women voters. The course covers historical patterns of participation and outreach but pays special attention to women voters in the 2018 midterm elections. 

GOVT 485/685.007 1 Credit
Women, Leadership, Politics & Power
Laura Cox Kaplan 
October 26 (9AM-5PM); November 16 (9AM-5PM) 

This course explores what makes women unique as leaders and the challenges that tend to impact women more acutely than men. Students look at and discuss leadership competencies and the science behind confidence and risk taking and explore specific tools and practices to reduce self-doubt, while also increasing confidence and leadership potential. 

Additional 3-Credit Courses

Fall 2019

3-Credit Courses 
AFAM-396.001 Select Topics: Black Queer Studies 
ANTH-215.001/.002 Sex, Gender & Culture 
ANTH-635.001 Race, Gender & Social Justice
AWST-396.002 Select Topics: Women in Arab Cinema 
GOVT 486/686.001 Feminist Political Theory
HIST -219.001 Women in America to 1850
HIST-482.002 Research Seminar: The History of the Body
HLTH-323.001 Issues in Women’s Health 
SISU-260.001/002/004/005 Identity, Race, Gender & Culture 
SISU-310.003 Topics Peace/Glb Sec/Con Res: Gender and Conflict 
SIS-648.001 Gender and Development 
WGSS-225.001/002 Gender, Politics & Power 
WGSS-240.001 Sexualities Studies 
WGSS-350.002 Gender and Violence
WGSS-350.003 Body and Society
WGSS-350.005 Geography of Gender/Development in Africa 
WGSS-400/600.001 Feminist, Gender, Sexuality Theory 
WGSS-496.001 Transnational Feminist Film
WGSS-496/696.002 Sexual Exploitation Industries 

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