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Spring 2016 WPPL Courses

The following courses are approved for the Women, Policy and Political Leadership (WPPL) Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate Programs.

Core 3-Credit Course

Spring 2016


Women, Politics & Public Policy
Elizabeth Sherman
Tuesday, 5:30 PM-8:00 PM

A wide variety of issues of concern to women, including healthcare, welfare, educational equity, employment discrimination, and reproductive rights are examined through the lens of the formal policy-making process.

Core 1-Credit Courses



Intro to Women and Politics
Connie Morella
February 6-7, 2016 9AM-5PM

This course is an intensive introduction to women and politics. Students in the course gain an understanding of the historical struggle of women for political, economic, and educational rights, as well as the major actors who were or continue to be involved in these efforts.
$50 special fee applies to this section

GOVT-485.001 Women, Politics and Social Policy

Elizabeth Sherman
March 19-20, 2016, 9AM to 5PM

This course covers some of the landmark achievements in American social policy in which women have played a central role as leaders, thinkers, strategists, advocates and administrators. From the Progressive era to the present, through the courts, Congress, and state legislatures, women have effectively organized and exerted political pressure as insiders and outsiders to win humane social policies beneficial to all families and indispensable to those facing dire circumstances. It will explore social policy as a compelling arena for women's political engagement and offer a range of readings and exercises to illuminate this vital topic.
$50 special fee applies to this section.

GOVT-485/685.002 Women, Politics and the Media

Karen O'Connor
February 6-7, 2016, 9AM to 5PM

The depictions of women of accomplishment as well as women across economic, racial, religious and ethnic spheres often have a gendered lens. This course explores these issues by examining how women are treated and portrayed by traditional and social media from film to Facebook and beyond.
$50 special fee applies to this section.


GOVT-485/685.003 The Politics of Title IX

Karen O'Connor
April 2-3, 2016, 9AM to 5PM

When Congress passed Title IX in 1972, no one anticipated its legal, social, and political ramifications. Not only has US women's dominance in the Olympics been credited to it, so has the proportion of women in college, medical, and law schools. More recently, it has served as a tool of the US Department of Justice to monitor how issues of sexual harassment and violence against women have been treated by colleges and universities. The course discusses all of these issues with national experts.
$50 special fee applies to this section.


GOVT-485.004 Women & the 2016 Elections: U.S. and Around the World

Lucy Gettman
February 20-21, 2016, 9AM to 5PM

This is the first election in U.S. history where women are candidates for president from both major parties. This course explores the barriers & opportunities for women in 2016 elections as candidates, voters, party leaders and campaigners/advocates, as well as efforts to overcome barriers to participation and achieve parity in women's political leadership.
$50 special fee applies to this section.


Additional 3-Credit Courses


ASIA-396 Women in E Asia: Mod Transform
HIST-220 FA4 .001 Women in America Since 1850

HIST-396.003 Women, Gender, Race-Early American
HIST-482.001 Research Seminar, Gender and History

SIS-619.002 Gender and Conflict

SISU-260.001 Identity, Race, Gender & Cultr

SISU-260.002 Identity, Race, Gender & Cult

SISU-260.003 Identity, Race, Gender & Cultr

SOCY-352.001 Gender Relations & Soc Change
SOCY-375.001 Gender, Poverty and Health
HPRM-323.001CB Issues in Women's Health
PSYCH-320.001 Women and Mental Health
PHIL-416.001 Feminist Philosophy
PHIL-616.001Feminist Philosophy
SPAN-456.001 Latin American Women Writers
SPAN-656.001 Latin American Women Writers
SPAN-705.001 Gender/ Sexuality in Latin Amr
WGSS-125 FA4.001 Gender in Society
WGSS-150 FA2.001 Women's Voices Thru Time
WGSS-150 FA2.002 Women's Voices Thru Time
WGSS-350.006S Geography of Gend/ Dev in Africa
WGSS-350.007S Spain: Long Walk to Equality
WGSS-400.001 Feminist, Gender, Sexuality Thry

WGSS-600.001 Feminist, Gender, Sexuality Thry 

ANTH-215 FA3.001 Sex, Gender & Culture

ANTH-215 FA3.002 Sex, Gender & Culture

ARTH-496.001 Gender in East Asia Vis Culture

ARTH-696.001 Gender in East Asia Vis Culture

ECON-675.001 Gender Persp Econ Analy: Macro

FREN-433.001 Gender and Identity in Maghreb

FREN-633.001 Gender and Identity in Maghreb