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Women & Politics Institute


Certificate Programs

The Women & Politics Institute’s Graduate Certificate, and Undergraduate Certificate in Women, Policy, and Political Leadership (WPPL) provide the knowledge and experience you need to become a leader in the field of politics, government, and the nonprofit sector. The WPPL programs give students not only in-depth theoretical knowledge on women and politics, but also the opportunity to learn to evaluate current issues with leading practitioners and experts. Students in the WPPL programs gain research experience, build professional networks, develop their leadership skills, and advance their careers.

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Undergraduate Application

Graduate Application

Non-Degree Graduate Application (for professionals that are not currently enrolled in a graduate program at American University; must download, print and physically submit)

PLEASE NOTE - The online application below is only available for students currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program at American University. Prospective students applying for the Non-Degree Graduate WPPL Certificate must download and submit the Non-Degree Graduate Application.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

There is no application deadline for enrolling in the WPPL certificate program (Rolling Admission).

GRE scores are not required in order to apply to a WPPL certificate program.

International Students must independently obtain a valid U.S. Visa before applying to a WPPL certificate program.

Tuition and Fees for Non-Degree Students (Not currently enrolled in a Master's program at American University)

Note: guaranteed student loans and merit awards (School of Public Affairs scholarships, assistantships and fellowships) are NOT available to non-degree students.