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Contingency Coaching (Updated March 13, 2020)

In order to do everything we can to help limit potential exposure and keep our students, faculty, and staff safe, CLEAR is taking appropriate steps and precautions that include temporarily moving our coaching services to the online environment.  Please find updated information about conducting your Language Coaching appointment below.

Spring 2020 Undergraduate Language Coaching

CLEAR language coaching will continue to be made available as scheduled through the end of the Spring 2020 semester.  Language coaching will be conducted using Skype for Business.

Language coaching appointments are to be made, as usual, in Genbook. Patrons must include their AU e-mail address when booking appointments, because your Coach will contact you via video using that address.

The day before your coaching session

The day before your coaching session, please ensure that Skype for Business is installed on your computer or mobile device and ensure that you are in a location with stable Internet access.

  1. Search your device to see if Skype for Business is already installed
  2. If needed, install Skype for Business
    Mac Client install
    Windows Client install
    Mobile phone client install and AU support page
  3. Test Skype for Business:
    The Skype for Business app is different from the generic Skype app. When you open the Skype for Business app, you can login with your AU e-mail address and password. (The generic Skype app will tell you that you cannot use a .edu e-mail address)

    When logging in to the Skype for Business app you should use the version of your AU e-mail address without the ‘student’ part. (E.g., if your e-mail address is "" then just use the "" version.)
  4.  Test to ensure that your video and audio are working

The day of your coaching session

Before your appointment, open Skype for Business, and set your availability to ‘Available’. At your appointment time, your coach will initiate a video call with you.