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Links for Students and Faculty

Links for Language Clearing Houses (many languages and cultures)

ALTEC: Links to sites related to the study of languages and cultures

Foreign Languages for Travelers: Learn to speak a foreign language online.

Please use this website at your own risk! This website may circumvent installed pop-up blockers

Language Links: A New World of Understanding

Traveling the world from your desktop. These materials are dedicated to teachers and learners of world languages.


Resources for Language Faculty

FL Teach: Foreign Language Teaching Forum

SUNY Cortland - Department of International Communications and Culture. Supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities

IALLT: The International Association for Language Learning Technology

Established in 1965, IALLT is a professional organization whose members provide leadership in the development, integration, evaluation and management of instructional technology for the teaching and learning of language, literature and culture. Its strong sense of community promotes the sharing of expertise in a variety of educational contexts.

Audio-Forum: Offers self-instructional courses.

Additional links

Listen to online radio of the world's languages

Speech accent archive

The Animal Communication Project

TEFL resources and information

Diplome d'etudes en langue francaise

Language Research Journal

Language: Origin and Meaning by John Zerzan

Distribution of languages on the Internet

The World's Most Widely Spoken Languages


Links for Arabic

Al-Arabiyya Journal

An-Nahar Newspaper

American Association of Teachers of Arabic

Arabic Language Institute at AUC

Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF)

Institute of Arabic Language and Culture at Luxor

League of Arab States

1,001 Arab Sites: Resource for many Arab Links

Institut du monde arabe Paris, France

Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (Country Information)

Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA)

Semitic Transliterator

Internet Resources for Research in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Center for Contemporary Arab Studies

Overseas Studies

Center for Arabic Study Abroad

National Foreign Language Center

Modern Language Association

Middle East Institute

Linguistics Society of America

Bibliography of Arabic Linguistics

National Security Education Program

National Capital Language Resource Center

Center for Applied Linguistics

National Middle East Language Resource Center

Georgetown University Press

BBC Arabic

Astrolabe Islamic Bookstore

Al-Hewar Center: The Center for Arab Culture and Dialogue

Aljazeera English


Links for French

These sites provide links to a wide variety of literary and French-language resources, including literary criticism, full-text access to historical, non-copyrighted literary works, bibliographies, and topics lists.

Council of International Francophone Studies (Conseil International d"Etudes Francophones) is a nonprofit with aims to encourage interdisciplinary studies within French speaking communities and all those interested in the Francophone world. This page contains a list of recommended links.

French Connection
Links to a wide variety of French and Francophone websites: current events and media, literature, education, language, art and culture, primary texts, gateways, and search engines.

HAPAX: French Resources on the Web
List of key French metasites.

Literature and Culture of Francophone Africa & the Diaspora: A Guide to Resources on the Web
Links by topic such as literature, music, visual arts, theater, and sociocultural context.

Literary Resources on the Web
See "Other National Literatures" then "French (and Francophone)."

Voice of the Shuttle: French Literature
French literature websites; includes all time periods, many author websites.


Links for German

Online Dictionaries

Online Wörterbuch der Technischen Universitaet München

Erlanger Liste
Erlanger Liste: Links to various types of dictionaries: Etymological, Fremdwoerter, Vocabulary, Grammatik, Old and Middle High German

Links to dictionaries and websites on various areas: Computers, Politics, Economy, Law, Science, General etc.

Fachlexika (
Links to dictionaries & encyclopaedias on Business & Law

Online Enzyklopaedia available in many languages

Online database in German

German-English and English-German Dictionary, also thesaurus, synonyms
Search facility. Dictionaries and Glossaries for German incl word formation, spelling, morphology; Online grammar - all areas


Links for Italian

Italian Language Resources

L'unione Sarda (Daily News)

Italian Literature Archive

Universita' degli Studi di Parma

Italian For Travelers

Italian Lessons

Vatican Exhibit

Virtual Italy

Italian News Notiziari Televideo RAI

Italian Soccer


Links for Russian

Electronic Texts in Modern Slavic Languages

George Fowler's Russian Etext Corpus (very large poetry and prose collection; proprietary transliteration

Pushkin Poetry (KOI-8)

Danko Sipka's Serbo-Croatian Text Corpus at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan)

Robert Beard's Bucknell Russian Literature Links & Cultural Literacy

Oslo Corpus of Bosnian Texts

russian.el (Emacs minor mode for Russian texts)


Links for Spanish

Si'Spain is cite proposed by the Spanish embassy in Canada.

Spanish as a Second Language is an online resources page from the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers.

Lingüística is an online grammar resources from the American School of Madrid.

Check out the variety of links in the Spanish online page by Eva Easton.

Consejería de Educación at the Embassy of Spain in London, supports the teaching of Spanish language and culture with services and online publications.

Bibliotecas Digitales Públicas. Miles de textos literarios gratuitos, tanto clásicos como contemporáneos.

Launch: La Música en Yahoo! Site for access to online music & music videos in Spanish.

ChileVision online news and live television from Chile using the RealVideo Player.

FM 92.1 - La Plata - Buenos Aires - Argentina is online 24 hour/day in mono or stereo.

Onda Cero LA RADIO EN VIVO is radio station from Spain that you can listen to online.

Cadena Cope Ultimas noticias y Radio en directo : Live online radio and news from Spain.

Radio National de España - Radio Uno & Radio Exterior live.

Radio Televisión de Andalucía is live radio from Canal Sur.

Caracol Colombia live radio Bogota, Colombia - news, sports, talk.

Spanish resources - University of Connecticut.

LatinWorld search engine for Iberoamerica and the Caribbean.

Centro Virtual Cervantes destinada a los profesores de español como segunda lengua.

Jean LeLoup's Taller hispano contains activity modules using authentic materials and Internet resources designed around themes such as the individual, the family, leisure activities, schools, pets, clothing and shopping, food and drink, government, time, weather, months, etc.

EL PAIS Digital is the electronic edition of the Spanish newspaper.

EL Mundo is the electronic edition of the Spanish newspaper.

La Estrella Digital is the electronic edition of the Spanish newspaper.

La Jornada is an electronic edition of this daily newspaper from Mexico.

Proceso is an electronic edition of this magazine from Mexico with sections on politics, economics, international news, culture, liesure, and sports.

La Nacion is an electronic edition of this daily newspaper from Costa Rica.

Web Compjugador is another on-line Spanish verb conjugation program.

Diccionarios is a listing of on-line dictionaries for the Spanish language. This is a part of LA PÁGINA DEL IDIOMA ESPAÑOL. - a variety of online Spanish and multilingual dictionaries.

Museo del Prado

Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia - is a wonderful presentation of the museum allowing the visitor to examine the contents of individual rooms.

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza - presents the museum's collection with explanatory text for each work.

Web de Mexico (formerly "Arte y cultura Mexicana") - mantenido por La Universidad de Guadalajara.

Mexico Web - A Yahoo-type web classification and search engine for Mexico.

UT-LANIC : University of Texas -- Latin American Network Information Center.

Find out about MundoHispano, the Spanish language learning Moo, now at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Red Académica Uruguaya - Enlaces has a collection of Spanish language links.

Cine Magazine is a Spanish language cinema reference.

TennesseeBob also has collected Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures @ Globe-Gate.