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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is CLEAR located?

CLEAR is located in Asbury B36 (the basement in the north wing).

Is CLEAR accessible by wheelchair?

CLEAR is wheelchair accessible by chair lift. In order to use the chair lift, please contact Public Safety (x2527) to get a key. The chair lift is available from CLEAR's exterior entrance. To avoid the steps in the courtyard, enter Asbury South ramp entrance (as if going to the registrar's office). Exit on the first floor (the floor on which you will enter the building) and exit into the Asbury courtyard. (In inclement weather you can come through the building). Straight ahead you will see the chair lift. If you have questions please call the CLEAR operations desk at x2396.

Do I need to take a Language Placement Exam?

Students new to any of the 12 language programs offered by the department of World Languages and Cultures need to take a placement exam.

In addition, the department requires that all students taking a French, German, Spanish, or Russian class submit a copy of their placement scores during the first week of class. CLEAR administers placement exams on a walk-in basis. Please be sure to allow at least one hour prior to the time that CLEAR closes to allow you enough time to complete the exam.

The online adaptive Language Placement Test for French, German, Spanish and Russian takes approximately 30 minutes, but has no time limitations. The test may be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection on WebCape.

Can I make appointments to use CLEAR?

The use of CLEAR resources is available on a first-come, first served basis with priority given to students registered in the Department of World Languages and Cultures courses.

If you intend to use CLEAR's coaching services , it is a good idea to book an appointment in advance using the online booking system (under the "Language Coaching" tab on the left). Occasionally, coaches may be available on a walk-in basis: Please inquire at the front desk upon arrival.

How will my instructor know that I worked at CLEAR?

CLEAR will provide a registry system for instructors that request you sign-in for class credit. At the end of each week your instructor may request a printout of his or her students' activity at the Center.

What resources do you have available in CLEAR?

Your instructor determines what supplemental materials you will be using in CLEAR during the semester. Your textbook may include audio or video materials available at CLEAR. Additional services that your instructor may require you to use in CLEAR include: foreign language broadcasts, or interactive software. CLEAR also tries to make available the current texts that most first-, second-, and third-year courses are using.

How do I use materials in CLEAR?

To use DVDs, CDs/CD-ROMs, texts and dictionaries while in CLEAR, you must provide the CLEAR operations desk with your AU ID. The operations desk will check out items to you using the library circulation system.

Can I print my documents in CLEAR?

If you are registered in the current semester, you may print up to 2 copies of work for your WLC class for free.

Comments and Suggestions

Your needs matter to us. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Call, stop by or write us at We look forward to seeing you at CLEAR!