Select Public Health Scholar Profiles

Genna Hewett-Abbott

I applied to AU at the last possible minute, but it is the best decision I ever made.

The campus has such a comfortable atmosphere, while being just a few minutes away from the city. The Scholars program is an amazing opportunity to be completely immersed in the field from day one. Seeing the public health problems in our nation's capital has further increased my love for Public Health.

This program was instrumental in my transition to college. Living with cohort members and other scholars makes for an instant group of friends. I have made friends, learned so much about the different aspects of Public Health, and I can truly see myself and my peers making the world a better place.

Charin Khan

When I was applying to colleges, I had only a slight idea of the career I wanted to pursue and what I wanted to study. I did know I wanted to study medical science, travel aboard, and graduate early if it was feasible. Through the Three-Year Public Health Scholar program, I have the fantastic opportunity to do all three!

Margaret McFarland

Initially, I was hesitant about committing to a major before even starting college. However, public health is such a multi-disciplinary field that is full of opportunities. I am always learning about new public heath approaches and disciplines and have found myself interested in a variety of areas of health I had no idea existed. I am fortunate to be studying at an institution that is dedicated to student success. I am currently collaborating with my statistics professor on a study researching the correlation between climate change and Zika—something I never saw myself doing. I am thrilled to see where these three years take me, and I am confident that my time at AU will open doors for my future in public health.

Hannah Chichester

I have been involved in the field of public health since my freshman year of high school and I knew I wanted to pursue public health in college. To be able to study with like-minded people and get a bachelor's degree in 3 years sounded amazing and it has been amazing.

I am a first-generation student and through participating in the program, I have felt very supported by AU. I thought that I would be lost in college and would have figure things out by myself, but that is not the case. From financial aid to academic advising with Dr. Hawkins, I have felt very supported. 

Forrest Holcombe

Upon arriving to AU, after coming off a gap year and time overseas, I found an immediate community and support network within the Public Health Scholars program. It is so fun to be around a group of people who are equally as passionate about impacting lives through the realm of health. The faculty, like my program assistant (PA) and the director of the program, are so encouraging, helpful, and accommodating as you are transitioning to college and exploring your academic path.

Guadalupe Mabry

If at the beginning of my college search you would have told me I would be studying public health in an accelerated 3-year program at American University with the opportunity to study abroad, I never would have believed you. Public health did not come onto my radar until senior year of high school when I began trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I was always interested in medicine and I knew I wanted to study something that I would be able to use to help my community. When I found American University's Public Health Scholars program, I knew it was for me. 

From the amazing scholars you get to be in a living-learning community with, to service-learning that takes learning from inside the classroom to the real world, the opportunities are endless with the Public Health Scholars program. Right here in Washington, DC, the heart of public health policy, research and innovation, we get to learn about what we love. Every day I am reminded by these things that I made the right choice. 

Caitlin Mensah

When I was applying to universities during my senior year of high school, American University was my dream school. I chose the program because a three-year program means that I get out into the field much faster than I would being in a traditional four-year program. Through service-learning and volunteer opportunities, my peers and I have the opportunity to carry out public health work in our communities. Because public health is such a broad field, there is so much one can do. I am amazed by my fellow peers and faculty, not just in the Public Health Scholars program, but American University as a whole. We all have big aspirations and our primary goal is to ensure that the world ahead of us will be better.