Health Studies Faculty & Staff

Department Leadership & Main Office

Anastasia Snelling Department Chair, Health Studies CAS - Health Studies

Dr. Anastasia Snelling is a professor and Chair of the Department of Health Studies at American University. She has been a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as a registered dietitian fo

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Jolynn Gardner Associate Chair, Dept. of Health Studies CAS - Health Studies

Jolynn Gardner is the Associate Chair of the Department of Health Studies and director of the Master of Science program in Health Promotion Management. Dr. Gardner has over 25 years of experience in h

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Martinique Free Director, Public Health Scholars Program CAS - Health Studies

Dr. Free is Director of the Public Health Scholars program and Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Health Studies of the College of Arts and Sciences. She earned her PhD in Health Education and

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Melissa Hawkins Director, Undergraduate Programs, Dept. of Health Studies CAS - Health Studies

Melissa Hawkins is the Director of Undergraduate Programs in the Department of Health Studies at American University. Dr. Hawkins is an epidemiologist with over a decade of experience in the applicati

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Full-Time Faculty

Alison Chrisler Professorial Lecturer CAS - Health Studies

Alison Chrisler is a Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Health Studies. Dr. Chrisler is a Certified Child Life Specialist with over a decade of experience in program evaluation within the non-

Elizabeth Cotter Assoc Professor CAS - Health Studies

Dr. Elizabeth Cotter is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Studies at American University and the Director of the Behavioral Health and Well-Being Lab. She is a licensed psychologist w

  (202) 885-3703

Dara Ford Professorial Lecturer CAS - Health Studies

Dara Ford is a Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Health Studies. Dara became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist following the completion of her undergraduate degree in Nutritional Sciences,

  (202) 885-2713

Jody Gan Professorial Lecturer CAS - Health Studies

With three decades of experience planning, implementing, and evaluating health programs, Jody enjoys sharing her experiences and passion for health and wellness while teaching public health and health

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Kathleen Holton Assoc Professor CAS - Health Studies

Dr. Kathleen Holton is a nutritional neuroscientist. Her research examines the negative effects of dietary excitotoxins on neurological symptoms, as well as the positive protective effects of certain

  (202) 885-3797

Robert Karch Professor CAS - Health Studies

Robert Karch has been a member of American University faculty since 1969. He is a full professor in the School of Education, Teaching & Health. He is also the founder and Director of both the Masters

  (202) 885-6285

Elissa Margolin Professorial Lecturer CAS - Health Studies

Elissa Margolin is a full-time faculty member in the Department of Health Studies. Prior to joining American University (AU), she worked for nearly a decade in the service of some of the world’s poore

  (202) 885-6274

Ethan Mereish Adjunct Assoc Prof CAS - Health Studies

Ethan Mereish is an Adjunct Associate Professor at American University, Associate Professor at the University of Maryland, College Park, and an adjunct Associate Professor at Brown University. His NIH

Jessica Owens-Young Asst Professor CAS - Health Studies

Jessica Young is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Studies at American University. Her work broadly focuses on health in economically distressed and under-resourced communities. Dr. Y

  (202) 885-2726

Anthony Panzera Professorial Lecturer CAS - Health Studies

Dr. Anthony D. Panzera is a teacher and researcher with experiences across numerous human health research environments, from laboratories to national studies. He is passionate about public health poli

Evan Reister Instructor CAS - Health Studies

Evan Reister is a Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Health Studies. Evan studied Exercise Science and Neuroscience during his undergraduate years at Transylvania University in Lexington, KY.

Research and Program Staff

Christina Lunsford Manager, Online Partnership Programs CAS - Health Studies

Christy first joined AU in 2008 as a graduate student in the MS Health Promotion Management program. While in school, she also worked as a graduate assistant, and interned with both AARP and the on ca

  (202) 885-3795

Katherine Scott-Andrews Research Coordinator CAS - Health Studies

Dr. Scott-Andrews is a Research Coordinator in the Department of Health Studies at American University for the ATTAIN DC WIC study. Dr. Scott-Andrews’s research has focused on supporting children and

Affiliate Faculty

Wisam Hanna Executive In Residence and Professorial Lecturer, OGPS Grad and Prof Studies, Office of

Sam is the Executive in Residence and Program Director of the master’s in healthcare management at American University in Washington, DC. He is an industry visionary and has developed a unique approac

Sarah Irvine Belson Professor SOE - School of Education

Dr. Sarah Irvine Belson holds a PhD from Arizona State University in Curriculum and Instruction with a cognate in Special Education. Her research explores educational opportunity for children with dis

  (202) 885-3714

Laura Juliano Professor CAS - Psychology

Laura M. Juliano earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the State University of New York at Binghamton and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Her

  (202) 885-1715

Taryn Morrissey Professor SPA - Public Admin and Policy

Dr. Morrissey's work centers on examining and improving public policies for vulnerable children. Ongoing research examines early care and education policy, paid family leave, family economic instab

  (202) 885-6323

Thespina Yamanis Assoc Professor SIS - School of International Service

Dr. Thespina (Nina) Yamanis’ professional interests are in identifying the mechanisms that link social and structural conditions to health disparities and in designing community-based interventions to

  (202) 885-6562

HLTH Adjunct Faculty

Nancy Aboulmouna Adjunct Professorial Lect

Dr. Nancy Aboulmouna earned her Naturopathic Medical degree (ND) while simultaneously completing a Master of Science in Functional Nutrition. She began teaching graduate and undergraduate Nutrition at

Lynne Arneson Director, Premedical Program CAS - Biology

Following an education in the Midwest culminating in a PhD in Cell Biology at the University of Chicago, Professor Arneson began teaching students in the Department of Biology at American University i

  (202) 885-2186

Elizabeth Brandley Adjunct Instructor CAS - Health Studies

Elizabeth Brandley is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) who earned her MS in Health Promotion Management and a Graduate Certificate in Nutrition Education from American University. She is

Celeste Davis Adjunct Professorial Lect CAS - Health Studies

“There are two questions that we have to ask ourselves. The first is ‘Where am I going?’ and the second is ‘Who will go with me?’” — Howard Thurman
Celeste is an educator, activist, and en

  (202) 885-1568

Ashley Lima Adjunct Professorial Lect

Dr. Ashley C. Lima is a Health Scientist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the United States Department of State where she leads the Guidance and Data Use Pod. She also leads surv

Joanne Roberts Adjunct Professorial Lect

Dr. Joanne Roberts is an exercise physiologist with over 25 years of experience in wellness, fitness, and performance. Her extensive work in health promotion, wellness, fitness, and performance physio

Taylor Schwartz Adjunct Instructor

Taylor Schwartz received his BA in Community Health and American Studies from Tufts University. He also received his Master of Public Health in Epidemiology & Biostatistics from Tufts University Schoo

Pleasance Silicki Adjunct Instructor

Pleasance is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor, Holistic Health Coach, Author, Death Doula, Inner Voice Guide, Mind- Body Skills Facilitator and Adjunct Faculty at The American University and Maryland

Amy Trietiak Greenberg-Ctrl Stipend CAS - Health Studies

Amy Trietiak is a Professorial Lecturer with the Department of Health Studies where she teaches courses in Nutrition Education Methods, Program Design, and Health Communication. Her interests lie at t

Trina Ulrich Adjunct Professorial Lect CAS - Health Studies

Trina C. Ulrich, MD is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Health Studies at American University. Trina studied Sports Medicine during her undergraduate years at the University of Virginia

  (202) 885-1434

Additional HLTH Adjuncts

  • Jessica Yamamoto - Introduction to Nutrition
  • Christine Ju - Introduction to Nutrition
  • Nan Smith - Introduction to Nutrition
  • Dorelle Engel - Introduction to Nutrition
  • Elizabeth Brandley - Intro to Health Promotion
  • Carlos Williams - Multicultural Health
  • Andie Rowe - Strategies for Stress Management
  • Katherine Haldeman - Strategies for Stress Management
  • Christopher Nasti - First Aid, CPR & Med Emergency
  • Aimee Richardson - Issues with Women's Health
  • Stephanie Mull - Sports Nutrition
  • Nancy Katz - Health in School Environment
  • Feon Cheng - Nutrit Epidemiology & Res Methods
  • Allison Tepper - Vitamins & Minerals
  • Tracy Gensler - Strategies for Weight Control
  • JD Hoyle - Introduction to Public Health
  • Nicole Kramer - Health Communications
  • Kathleen Irwin - Infectious Disease
  • Michelle Millerick - Health Promotion and Health Care
  • Sejal Davis - Nutrition Education Methods
  • Margo Wootan - Food Policy

HFIT Adjunct Faculty

  • Bridget Bowers - Walking and Jogging
  • Neva Ingalls - Yoga
  • Brigid Rauch - Yoga
  • Ayanna Smith - Yoga
  • Nitya Ramlogan - Yoga
  • Ayanna Wells - Yoga
  • Katie Greenberg - Soccer
  • Chris Silva - Orienteering
  • Jennifer Johnson - Urban Hiking
  • Elizabeth Brandley - Urban Hiking
  • Danielle Gray - 5k Training
  • Samantha Cohn - Dance Fitness
  • Ayanna Smith - Pilates
  • Laura Yochelson - Intuitive Fitness
  • Emily Peca - Urban Hiking
  • Leah Brennan - Urban Hiking
  • John Garrett - Tennis
  • Doug Schwanke - Princ & Tech's of Weight Train
  • Robert Beahm - Princ & Tech's of Weight Train
  • Olivia Greer - Group Aerobic Fitness
  • Andrew Brown - Cross Training 
  • Robert Beahm - Cross Training 
  • Garland Bartlett - Swimming
  • Barbara Bernstein - Salsa Dancing
  • Robin Stark - Group Aerobic Fitness
  • Michael Gurevitz (National Diving Center) - Scuba
  • Sarah Katz - Volleyball
  • Rose Kehoe - Aquatic Fitness
  • Michael Henchy - Volleyball
  • Anne Roberts - Personal Defense
  • James Roberts - Martial Arts
  • Alexandre Ryjik - Fencing

Emeritus Faculty

  • Mr. Billy Coward - Associate Professor
  • Dr. D. Geiser - Professor
  • Dr. V. Hawke - Professor
  • Dr. J. Hubbell - Professor
  • Mr. Larry Nyce - Associate Professor
  • Dr. Barbara Reiman - Associate Professor
  • Dr. Margaret Safrit - Professor