AU's Jewish Student Life


AU Hillel is the center of Jewish student life on campus. Hillel seeks to engage all Jewish students, from those with extensive Jewish backgrounds to those with none at all, helping them explore and express their Jewish identities in ways that are personally meaningful to them. By creating numerous entry points to Jewish life on campus and facilitating hundreds of programs each year, AU Hillel supports the social, intellectual, and spiritual development of Jewish students - enriching their lives so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world.

Hillel's focus areas include:

Community building

The First Year Students of Hillel (FYSH) peer mentorship program, the annual Fall Retreat, and diverse activities throughout the year help students make Jewish friends and develop their own Jewish "home away from home."

Jewish living and learning

Hillel hosts weekly Shabbat services and dinners each week during the semester and holiday celebrations throughout the year. Ongoing educational programs include a weekly student-led Beit Midrash (text study group) and an LGBTQ Jewish discussion group.

Israel engagement and education

Hillel's full-time Israel Fellow engages students in a wide range of programs about Israel and supports several Israel-focused student organizations. 65+ students travel to Israel each year on Hillel's Birthright Israel trips.

Service and social justice

Hillel facilitates on- and off-campus volunteer projects and offers opportunities for students to explore a wide range of social justice issues through a Jewish lens. Offerings include an annual spring break service trip.

Leadership and development

Through internships, volunteer leadership roles, and one-on-one mentorship, Hillel prepares students to be effective leaders within and beyond the Jewish community.

For more information, visit AU's Hillel page.

Fraternities and Sororities

AU has several Jewish-affiliated fraternities and sororities:

Alpha Epsilon Phi (sorority)

Alpha Epsilon Pi (fraternity)

Sigma Delta Tau (sorority)

Zeta Beta Tau (fraternity)

Learn more about Greek life at AU.

Jewish Student Association

The Jewish Student Association is a student-led, non-denominational group devoted to social, religious, and cultural enrichment. Events and programs focus on the social aspects of Jewish campus life and seek to build a strong sense of community among AU's Jewish student population. Annual events include a Tu B'Shevat seder, Chanukah and Purim parties, and a Beit Cafe talent show.

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AU Students for Israel

AU Students for Israel (AUSFI) is a student group aimed at increasing awareness of Israel on campus and in the greater DC area. Its programming educates the campus community about Israel and promotes a positive image of Israel through its culture, history and significance to the world. Additionally, AUSFI promotes advocacy efforts on behalf of Israel and organizes opportunities to get involved at the political level. Its sponsored events-including concerts, film screenings and panel discussions- appeal to the diverse AU student body.

For more information, visit the AU Students for Israel Facebook group, or email

Other Jewish Student Groups

Jewish Student Association

Jewish Law Student Association

ReJEWvenate (LGBTQ Jews)

Mishelanu (Hebrew Speakers)

Russian Speaking Jews

Ten Li Tunes (A Cappella Group)

Israel Culture Club


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