Alex Katz: Black and White November 12 - December 18, 2016

Flags by Alex Katz

FLAGS, 2013.
Woodblock on Lanaquarelle 640 gsm fine art paper, 42 x 120 in. Edition: 35

Exhibition Description

Alex Katz: Black and White explores the artist's lifelong interest in stripping color out of his prints, and his attempt to replace sensual pleasure with intellectual design. Design versus color has been an artistic debate that goes back to the Renaissance. Similar to the art of Renaissance Florence, Katz's prints are all about design, and are based on drawing, ideas, and the structure of things.

Ariel by Alex Katz

ARIEL, 2016.
2-color silkscreen on Saunders Waterford HP High White 425 gsm fine art paper, 36 x 76 in.
Edition: 40

Christine by Alex Katz

Photoengraving and aquatint on Somerset satin white 300 gsm paper, 30 x 34 in.
Edition: 25