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Latitude: The Washington Women's Arts Center 1975-1987 June 16 to August 12, 2018

Women outside the Washington Women's Arts Center

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The Washington Women's Arts Center (WWAC), located at 1821 Q Street NW, then at the Lansburgh Cultural Center, was created in 1975 as a non-profit organization to provide professional support and opportunities for women in the arts. Throughout its history, the WWAC also sponsored speakers, produced literary and visual arts journals, and collaborated with other organizations to raise the profile of women artists in the Washington area and around the country.

This exhibition features the art of former WWAC members and exhibitors. Curated by Françoise Yohalem, it will showcase 90+ works produced between the years 1975-1987, some of which are iconic of that time. The show brings back the energy, passion, and talent of members when the WWAC was, for many, "the only show in town." Recent works by WWAC artists will be featured in a slideshow, available online here. Select interviews with members will appear in an accompanying documentary, Voices from the Washington Women's Arts Center, which is also available online. This exhibition is sponsored by the Alper Initiative for Washington Art.


Featuring Artists

  • BJ Adams
  • Carolyn Alper
  • Altina
  • Dale Appleman
  • Marilyn Banner
  • Ann Barbieri
  • Judith Benderson
  • Lucy Blankstein
  • Terry Braunstein
  • Patricia Buck
  • Dianne Bugash
  • Katharine Butler
  • Judy Byron
  • Bonnie B. Collier
  • Linda Conti
  • Marcia Coppel
  • Joan Danziger
  • Margaret Dowell
  • Joan Fallows
  • Aline Feldman
  • Maria-Theresa Fernandes
  • Barbara Frank
  • Mimi Frank
  • Nancy Frankel
  • Jeanne Garant
  • Janis Goodman
  • Judith Goodman
  • Mansoora Hassan
  • Nita Moss Hines
  • Bonnie Lee Holland
  • Marilyn Horrom
  • Laura Weaver Huff
  • Tazuko Ichikawa
  • Arlette Jassel
  • Jan Kern
  • Barbara Kerne
  • Ai-Wen Wu Kratz
  • Andrea Kraus
  • Ann Langdon
  • Elaine Langerman
  • Beckie Mirsch Laughlin
  • Harriet Lesser
  • June Linowitz
  • Lynn Liotta
  • Taina Litwak
  • Carol Lukitsch
  • Anne Marchand
  • Sarna Marcus
  • Sharon Moody
  • Nina Muys
  • Dominie Nash
  • Margot Neuhaus
  • Margaret Paris
  • Terry Parmelee
  • Susan Due Pearcy
  • Annette Polan
  • Carolyn Pomponio
  • Gail Rebhan
  • Marie Ringwald
  • Charlotte Robinson
  • Sherry Zvares Sanabria
  • Renee Sandell
  • Eva Santorini
  • Ellouise Schoettler
  • Alice D. Sims
  • Ellen Sinel
  • Lila Snow
  • Judy Southerland
  • Ronnie Spiewak
  • Mary Staley
  • Sarah Stout
  • Rachel Sultanik
  • Carol Summar
  • Terry Svat
  • Lyndia Terre
  • Susan Powell Tolbert
  • Shirley True
  • Suzanne Twyford
  • Andrea Uravitch
  • M.L. Van Nice
  • Frank Van Riper
  • Claudia Vess
  • Sandra Wasko-Flood
  • Gail Watkins
  • Mary Weiss-Waldhorn
  • Joyce Wellman
  • Janet Wheeler
  • Rosemary Wright
  • Ann Zahn
  • Ann Zelle
  • Zinnia
  • Joyce Zipperer

WWAC Panel Discussion

About the Curator Françoise Yohalem

Francoise Yohalem

Françoise Yohalem has an undergraduate degree in painting and art history from The American University and an MA in studio art from SUNY in Albany. After a brief career as an artist, she managed the Franz Bader Gallery in the late 70’s. She was invited to jury a sculpture exhibition at the Washington Women's Arts center in 1985. After leaving the gallery scene, she became a curator and started a busy career as an independent art consultant, eventually specializing in art in public places. She also managed two alternative gallery spaces in downtown Washington and organized regular exhibitions there. As a public art consultant, she has worked for government agencies as well as the private sector and has been responsible for dozens of large site-specific commissions around this area and nationally. Since her retirement, she has been splitting her time between San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and Chevy Chase, Md. Françoise is delighted to have the opportunity to “reconnect” with the local art scene which has been a very important part of her professional and social life for more than 40 years!