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  • AU hosts ANNSIM '24, the annual Modeling and Simulation Conference, May 20-23.
  • American University officially launched the Translating Research into Action Center (TRAC). TRAC, which is funded through a $5.7M, four-year cooperative agreement from the National Science Foundation Accelerating Research Translation program, is a university-wide initiative established to strengthen our capacity to speed and scale translational research.  
  • Valentina Aquila received a grant from Michigan Technological University for $66,476 for “Tracking volcanic volatiles from magma reservoir to the atmosphere: identifying precursors and optimizing models and satellite observations for future major." Aquila also received a $12,000 grant from National Academies for “The Impact of Airport Activity on Local Air Quality.”
  • Raychelle Burks received a $55,169 grant from Doane University for the project “IUSE: EHR Track 1 Engaged Student Learning, Level 2: Developing computational efficacy and skill within an inclusive community of practice in the natural sciences.”
  • Thomas Fauchez received a grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for “Detectability of water in the atmosphere of terrestrial habitable zone exoplanets due to exo-volcanism: a false positive for habitability”
Julian Urrutia-Cater

Grad School Leads Julian Urrutia-Carter to New Start, Biotech Career

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Rasch Chinchilla in the studio

Turning Up the Volume: AU's Women in Audio Club

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Healthy food. Healthy eating background. Fruit, vegetable, berry. Vegetarian eating.

Transforming the Food System to Serve All

Prof. Stacey Snelling receives a 3-year, $2.8M grant to address food security in DC’s Wards 7 and 8

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