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AU-ASA logoUnlocking the secrets of data and unleashing the power of tech – where data dances, and innovation takes the stage. Welcome to the world of AU-ASA, with endless opportunities to grow yourself.

The American Statistical Association is the world’s largest community of statisticians that support excellence in the development, application, and dissemination of statistical science. The ASA (American Statistical Association) student chapter at American University (ASA@AU) is a student led club, was founded January 2022 by the graduate and undergraduate students from the department of Mathematics and Statistics.

AU-ASA students at ASA conference


  • Connect AU (American University) students with professional statisticians and data scientists.
  • Help students to increase their knowledge on statistics and data science fields through workshops, seminars, and guest speaker presentations.
  • Build an ASA@AU STEM community to help students learn about the new opportunities and help each other to grow.


  • We concentrate on addressing the academic requirements essential for students and align our focus with the technological trends that businesses are actively seeking. We strive to meet these needs through organized events
  • We invite representatives from the workforce to the university, providing students with insights into the workings of the professional environment and seeking career advice from them

ASA-hosted interview workshop

ASA @ AU STEM Community

ASA@AU is a part of larger STEM community at American University. We created a platform for learning about AI (Artificial Intelligence), sharing job opportunities, tech events and displaying tech competitions. This platform serves as a hub to connect, exchange knowledge, and collaborate. We offer hands-on experiences with real-life data driven projects. The primary goals are exposing students to projects beyond academic settings and enhance their practical knowledge. Register for the club to enhance this experience and be part of us.

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AU ASA Leadership

AU ASA sharing intership experience meeting

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Girls Who Code

AU Girls Who Code is a chapter of the national GWC movement, which aims to empower individuals to pursue careers in tech and provide a community for like minded individuals who are excited to explore where coding skills can be used in their desired fields!

Girls Who Code 2023-24 executive board

Our chapter is a community of women, gender non-conforming people, and all underrepresented individuals who are interested in empowering each other and closing the gender gap in tech.

Our Mission

We are currently working towards building a GWC chapter at AU in order to foster a safe, supportive community for those interested in coding; whether it be in the field of computer science or a general interest!

Join Us

Do you have coding experience? Are you interested in learning to code or exploring how coding can enhance your career? Join GWC to find your community at AU! No experience necessary!

Spotlight: Girls Who Code

Meet Girls Who Code—an inclusive community for anyone interested in coding to connect with peers and learn new skills—in this video spotlight! AU Girls Who Code is a chapter of the national Girls Who Code organization, which has historically supported women in computer science through clubs and programs across the country. Hear about these students' experiences with Girls Who Code and what the group means to them.

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Not Math Club

DC flag with stars replaced by plus, multiply, and divide signsWant to be a part of the coolest club at AU? If not, then you should join Not Math Club. We take math seriously. But not too seriously.

American University's premier club for hanging out, eating food, and talking about the mathematics of life.

Mondays, 7:00 p.m.
Don Myers 111

Faculty advisor
Mike Limarzi

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