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Program Structure

MFA Studio Berlin, American University Department of Art

Residing in Berlin for over a month (May 20 - July 2), participants have ample opportunity to explore Berlin and its surroundings. Packed with dense and diverse neighborhoods, every afternoon in Berlin can offer a new discovery, whether a public performance, a favorite café, incredible street art, or a sombre reminder of the history everywhere underfoot. Berlin is also famous for its reuse and reselling, most visible in the mounds of enticing objects available at any of more than a dozen Flohmarkts active every weekend.

The daily structure of the program is designed to promote productivity in the studio while providing integrated contact with Berlin. This contact comes through the individual participant's own exploration of the city as well as through organized interactions with local contributors. Daily activities will be comprised of a mix of:

  • learning the city; plenty of opportunity to get to know Berlin and its neighborhoods and find influential locations, materials, resources, and people;
  • work in the studio on self-defined projects, including in-progress and finished critiques with program faculty;
  • interaction with guest artists and other contributors, both through visits to our studio and group visits to other sites (studios, galleries, collections, etc);
  • participation in a program-closing event/exhibition in connection with the Glogau Artist in Residence program.

Other Activities

Just outside the city lie many destinations within an hour's train ride that can satisfy the wanderlust of being in northern Europe. To the north is Sachsenhausen, a well-organized, very informative, and powerful Holocaust memorial site; to the south is Potsdam, the imperial palace playground of the Prussian Kings, and to the east a batch of near-perfectly preserved medieval cities including Tangermünde and Stendal.

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