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Jill Klein Interim Director, CTRL KSB - Information Technology

A recovering CIO with industry experience in banking and consulting, Jill transitioned to her academic career at – the – turn – of – the - century only to discover a whole new professional passion. In

  (202) 885-1856

Maria De Jesus Associate Professor SIS-School of Intl Service

Dr. Maria De Jesus brings to AU a wealth of research and teaching experiences in the area of health inequalities, a critical area of focus in interstate and transnational relations. Her research exami

  (202) 885-6392

Assen Assenov Associate Director for Research Support Centr Teach Research Learning

As Associate Director for Research Support, Dr. Assenov, provides direct faculty and student research support and is responsible for all Enterprise quantitative and qualitative research applications a

  (202) 885-3861

Angel Bogushev Academic Technology Applications Trainer Ctr for Teaching, Research and Learning

I arrived at American University in 2005 to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Economics - an adventure I completed in 2014. Since 2011, I am part of CTRL's Research Support Group. Initially, in the capacity o

  (202) 885-2797

William Harder Adjunct Instructor Ctr for Teaching, Research and Learning

William L. Harder is the manager of CTRL's Research Lab and an Adjunct Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Government. His research examines gubernatorial administrative policymaking strategi

  (202) 885-3867

Anna Olsson Adjunct Instructor Centr Teach Research Learning

Anna started working for the Center for Teaching, Research and Learning (CTRL) as a graduate fellow, and resumed the position of Manager of Training and Assessment, and later Assistant Director of Tea

  (202) 885-6077

David Rose Faculty Innovation Technologist Ctr for Teaching, Research and Learning

David is CTRL's Faculty Innovation Technologist, an open educational resources (OER) Research Fellow for the Open Education Group, as well as a student in Purdue University’s online Master of Science

  (202) 885-1089

Kim Pulford Business Operations Coordinator Ctr for Teaching, Research and Learning

After graduating from Saint Joseph's University in 2012 and teaching English in Malaysia as a Fulbright in 2013, Kim joined American University in March of 2014. She received a Master of Arts Degree i

  (202) 885-6818


CTRL is committed to providing services to all faculty and staff regardless of disability, and we will coordinate ways to bring services to an accessible location. Request an accessible meeting (x2117) or contact the staff member directly.