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Corporate Credit Card

The Corporate Card Program allows authorized cardholders the ability to purchase materials needed for the operation of their departments directly from a supplier. The Corporate Card is designed to save time and effort from filling out requisitions, processing purchase orders, and reconciling checks with invoices. It will improve the efficiency of processing low dollar purchases from any vendor that accepts the VISA credit card. Many of the vendors who AU currently does business with by purchase order, will accept a credit card for purchases.

Any University faculty and staff member who has a need to purchase goods from an external supplier, and is authorized by their School Chair or their Department Head is eligible to receive a Corporate Card. The first step in obtaining a Corporate Card is for the requestor to complete a Cardholder Application Form. The completed form must contain all of the required information and be approved by the School Chair or Department Head before submitting it to

Corporate Credit Card FAQ

Visa Corporate Card Policy and Guidelines