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Financial Support From A Third-Party Sponsor

Financial Guaranteed Letters Are Required To Establish Billing Procedure

Embassy, Agency, or Employer Billing

A student requesting embassy, agency, or employer billing arrangements must furnish Student Accounts with a valid contract, purchase order, or financial guarantee before the first day of classes.

Required Documentation

Documentation submitted in lieu of a valid purchase order will not relieve a student of financial responsibility. In case of partial assistance, the student is required to pay the balance of his or her tuition costs at the time of registration in order to be considered registered. A student portion which qualifies for one of the university payment plans is to be paid according to that plan.

Financial Guarantee Letter must include the following:

  1. Student Name
  2. Effective Dates or Semesters being sponsored
  3. Costs covered by Sponsor
  4. Sponsor's billing address
  5. Embassy ID number (if Applicable)

Purchase orders and contracts must include the following:

  1. Student name & Student ID number
  2. Course(s) covered by Sponsor
  3. Start and End Dates of each Course or Semester
  4. Fees covered by Sponsor
  5. Dollar amount of coverage
  6. PO Number or Contract Number
  7. Sponsor name and address
  8. Billing instructrions

The VA form 28 - 1905 must contain the following information:

  1. Student name and ID number
  2. Term of attendance
  3. Specific Costs (and dollar amounts) to be paid by the sponsor (tuition, books, supplies, fees)
  4. Sponsor's billing address

Additional Resources:

A student requesting an Agency or Employer for billing arrangements regarding books and/or supplies must identify the specific costs to be paid for by the sponsor in a valid contract/purchase order before the first day of class. Students must use their book voucher within thirty days of the issue date.

Please refer to the Required Documentation section above to create proper documentation regarding this matter.

Health insurance is required for all full-time degree, resident, and international students with F1and J1 visas. Your automatic enrollment and charge will show on the bill. You can submit a Health Insurance Waiver if you have your own insurance coverage; to complete the waiver please refer to the Waiver Information.


The sponsor's failure to make payment will result in a financial restriction being placed on the student's account.

This restriction will place a hold on the student's academic records, including transcript and diploma, and may also result in denial of advance registration. This hold will not be removed until the sponsor's final determination is made and the financial responsibilities have been met. In the event that a sponsor will not pay, the contract will be canceled and the student will be billed directly.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to AU Central at (202) 885-8000.