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The Future, realized My experiences on the FMA’s trip to NYC

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The group of students from Kogod's Financial Management Association who traveled to New York City.

As a member of Kogod’s Financial Management Association (FMA), one activity I look forward to is the bi-annual New York City networking trip. This year, we traveled to NYC on Friday, September 16, where we met with American University alumni and gained valuable insight into the field of finance.

I first went to New York during my first semester in FMA. I was a new college student who was eager to learn about the world of finance, and the FMA trip was the perfect opportunity to do so. I met wonderful alumni who shared their experiences at American University with me--specifically what made them stand out at Kogod School of Business.

Flash-forward to my current year as a sophomore, where I have taken a few of my core business classes and have attended many of Kogod’s seminars. From my accounting classes to a Brooks Brother’s Professional Dress Panel, I’ve gained invaluable knowledge that’s helped me understand the fundamentals of business. 

On this year’s trip to New York, we visited multiple financial institutions where Kogod alumni work. Since this was my third trip, and because I’ve got a year of business school under my belt, I was able fully apply what I learned in the classroom to the real world.

One of the best parts about Kogod are the opportunities it provides to experience what work in your field is like outside of the classroom. Visiting these banks and talking to people in positions I hope to hold helped me to decide to become an Accounting major. It inspired me to network with employees of companies of major firms, such as Goldman Sachs. I even met one person who I now email on a regular basis to receive professional mentoring and guidance. 

I’ve also developed stronger connections with my fellow Kogod students, both personally and professionally. FMA events, such as workshops and our weekly meetings, have allowed me to develop friendships with my fellow students that are interested in similar career paths. Meeting upperclassman is also beneficial, as older students provide advice on everything from which classes to take, to internship leads.

I look forward to applying what I’ve learned at Kogod to future FMA trips, and to my professional life outside of school. I will continue taking advantage of Kogod’s resources and alumni advice in forging my own career path. The skills I have attained from Kogod, and the experiences I have had in FMA, will help me realize the future I envision.