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Spotlight On: Corbin Rugh, MSMKTG ‘17 Graduating Master’s student Corbin Rugh shares her perspective on what sets Kogod apart

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Corbin Rugh
Credit: Corbin Rugh

Corbin Rugh, MSMKTG ’17, is on a mission: to affect change through marketing. “I hope I can help businesses meet their objectives in new and exciting ways,” she says, “and make the world a better place while doing it.”

Rugh, a Spring 2017 graduate of Kogod’s MS Marketing program, is excited to apply what she’s learned in the classroom to the business world. The program exposed her to new industries within the field, such as digital and corporate marketing, she says. She now has a fuller picture of what career options are available.

Rugh especially appreciated Kogod’s intimate learning environment. Her program’s small class sizes and cohort-based structure offered a space where she was simultaneously challenged and supported. “There were only 19 of us in the class, so we got to know each other very well,” she says. “I think you miss out on that at bigger schools.”

After graduation, she’ll move to Chicago, where she plans to settle and find a full-time position in the field. She’ll always be grateful for the friends she made and knowledge she gained in DC—experiences she couldn’t have had anywhere except for Kogod.

Read more about Rugh's Kogod experience and plans post-graduation below:

Kogod School of Business: What initially attracted you to the MS Marketing program at Kogod?

Corbin Rugh: Prior to enrolling, I worked for several years in marketing in the DC area. I knew my next step was continuing my studies in the field.

The program was also the perfect length for me. It’s 10 months, which is long enough to delve into different areas of the field, but short enough to stay focused on my career post-program.

KSB: What sets it apart from others like it?

CR: Its experiential learning opportunities. The Applied Client Project gave us the chance to work with a local marketing agency. I worked on a team with my peers to design a marketing campaign and present it to a client. It gave us the chance to apply theory to practice in a real-world environment.

KSB: What did you enjoy most about your time here?

CR: I especially enjoyed the faculty. AU offers access to a wealth of professionals in the area. Learning from them gave me a real sense of what a career in marketing is like.

I also enjoyed how the program fully immerses you in the field. I was initially exposed to marketing through one professional position, so it’s been great to get a broader overview. It is incredible how marketing varies so much in execution, but the main principles remain the same.

KSB: What defined your experience here at Kogod?

CR: Forging bonds with my cohort and professors. There were only 19 of us in the class, so we got to know each other very well. Early on, a group of classmates and I found a lounge meeting spot where we could catch our professors as they walked by. Sometimes we would ask them questions about an assignment, but most of the time, we’d just exchange pleasantries. I think you miss out on experiences like this at bigger schools, and I’m glad to have found an intimate learning environment at AU.

KSB: Is there a person, class or experience that was especially impactful? Why?

CR: I have particularly enjoyed the entertainment marketing class. Having studied music and worked in arts administration, it has been a fascinating combination of all of my worlds. The professor takes a very quantitative approach, which helps tie my experiences in the arts to the business principles I have learned this past year.

As part of the class, I am formulating a marketing plan for a choral organization I sang with during high school. I am so pleased to contribute my skills to an organization close to my heart. I hope to continue helping arts organizations find creative and productive marketing solutions.

KSB: Why is pursuing a career in business important, and the right fit for you?

CR: Business is important because of how it extends beyond “the bottom line.” These days, businesses have a crucial role in fostering cultures that extend beyond their walls. This is something I learned from a professor who told me that “we create the culture that in turn creates us.”

Businesses create the world around us and shape our daily lives, just as our formative educational experiences do. I am motivated to bring this same principle to my work.

KSB: What are you most looking forward to in your work post-graduation?

CR: I’m looking forward to working with a company that has its best days ahead, and that has a vibrant culture. I am excited to engage with colleagues and to push the company’s boundaries with creative marketing solutions.

KSB: In what ways has what you’ve learned at Kogod prepared you for this next chapter?

CR: Kogod has introduced me to the wider world of marketing beyond what I experienced at work. It has given me tools to articulate what an important role marketing plays in all facets of our lives. I hope I can help businesses meet their objectives in new and exciting ways, and I can make the world a better place while doing it.

KSB: What advice would you give to a prospective student?

CR: I would advise a prospective student to apply; and, if they are accepted and choose to come, to really engage with the program. This program offers the opportunity to learn traditional concepts while connecting with the field in the DC area. When else in your life do you get to drop everything and dive into what you’re passionate about?

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