Our Curriculum

Multidisciplinary Learning

Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars are engaged with important ideas and modern leadership challenges through the lenses of multiple disciplines, using the interdisciplinary curriculum of the AU Honors and the Community-Based Research Scholars programs to frame and supplement the in-depth knowledge of AU's various and challenging majors.

Leadship Development

Through interviews with intellectual, professional, and political luminaries, and through engaged readings and practical experiences, Scholars identify their leadership strengths, cultivate the habits of mind necessary to maximize them, and develop and pursue the plans of action best suited to the full achievement of their leadership potential.

Ethical Civic Engagement

Through partnerships with the Community Based Research Scholars program, the Office of Community Engagement and Service, and seminars with community leaders, the program challenges Scholars to comprehend and develop respectful models of engagement with both short-term and long-term measurable positive impact.

Innovative Problem-solving

Scholars are exposed to the best practices in individual and collaborative pursuits of solutions to the most-pressing problems, from academic study to sessions with today's innovators to hands-on problem-solving through various experiential learning programs offered by FDDS's campus and external partners.

Strategic Planning

The FDDS program intentionally fosters each Scholar's personal, academic, and professional growth through a multi-stage strategic planning process that includes short-term and long-term goals, practices of self-reflection, and step-by-step preparation for prestigious academic, extracurricular, and pre-professional opportunities.