Our Model

360-Degree Monitoring

The FDDS program develops the whole Scholar, personally, academically, and professionally. We provide academic mentoring from peer advisors, a faculty mentor, and program staff; tailored professional mentoring from program staff and the Career Center; and personal leadership development through the mentorship of the Managing Director and the curriculum of the Leadership Institute.

Collaborative Learning

The FDDS program offers a cohort-based summer service program and cohort-based mentorship, supplemented by the collective learning of the Leadership Institute. These features provide opportunities for Scholars to come together to share a greater purpose and - most importantly - develop the skills of collaboration prized by thought leaders, change-makers, and influential professionals.

Summer Enrichment

The FDDS program provides grant, stipend, and fellowship support for a range of summer enrichment work, from facilitating acceptance of prestigious unpaid internships to language immersion programs; from individualized research with renowned faculty to attendance at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Profile Enhancement

Through the SophomoreSynthesis, the Leadership Institute, and strategic planning, the FDDS program helps Scholars to identify activities, internships and other opportunities that will develop their potential, advance their personal and professional goals, and aid them in cultivating the habits of self-reflection and the practice of self-expression that empowers Scholars always to put their best selves forward, whether in person or on paper.