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Welcome from the University Librarian

University Librarian Jeehyun Davis

I extend a warm welcome to all members of the American University Community. I see the University Library as a resource for every individual, a place where all people are empowered to enhance their knowledge and learning. Students are invited to use our numerous study spaces to focus and nurture their academic pursuits, and all groups are encouraged to utilize the countless services we provide.

We developed the Strategic Plan 2023-2026, delineating the strategic priorities highlighted by our library staff and faculty as well as the broader AU community. This plan is dedicated to empowering our students, uplifting our faculty, and actively engaging with our community. In alignment with the University’s Inclusive Excellence Plan, we have integrated inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) values into the core of our strategic framework. We are aware of the criticisms that IDEA initiatives are often treated as mere checklists. In support of our IDEA values, we strive to provide a diverse collection by purchasing materials created by under-represented scholars. We also support faculty in unique disciplines by identifying new areas of interdisciplinary focus. Furthermore, the Library is focused on increasing access to faculty work through open access efforts, allowing these works to be more available to the communities that faculty seek to serve.

Beyond the physical and digital shelves of our Library, we are committed to carrying these initiatives into our hiring and employment practices. In Fall 2023, the Library hired two resident librarians in support of the ACRL Diversity Alliance Program, which aims to enrich their professional experience in librarianship while also increasing the hiring pipeline from underrepresented groups.

The University Library has a vision to use current and emerging technologies to further the reach of our values. We host the innovative Digital Research and Inquiry Lab that provides digital research tools, from multi-media project to geospatial research, allowing researchers to share findings in novel and engaging formats. We also offer a variety of technology and resources to support equitable learning opportunities, such as the Emergency Technology Fund that gives laptops to students who are otherwise not able to access them. Through generous gifts from donors, students are provided with a laptop and tech support throughout their entire AU education.

I am proud of the recognition we received for our IDEA work with INSIGHT Magazine’s 2024 Inaugural Library Excellence in Access & Diversity Award.

It is my hope that whether it be developing world-class research, or simply checking out a new book for entertainment, our Library provides everything you need to foster knowledge, innovation, and success.

With best wishes,

Jeehyun Davis


Need to contact the Library? Please call the Information Desk at (202) 885-3232.