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Library Overnight Hours Information


Bender Library offers a 24-5 fall and spring semester schedule. While the building is on this schedule it will open at 9am on Sunday and close at 9pm on Friday. Overnight hours of operations run from 11pm to 7am the following morning. This schedule may be interrupted for holidays, breaks, and unscheduled closures for weather.

Between 11pm and 7am building use is reserved for currently enrolled AU students. For security reasons, staff may ask visitors to present their AU ID.

The building can be accessed by using the swipe station on the accessibility pole outside the building.


Only the GRC desk and the Information Desk are staffed during Overnight Operations. All service desks close at 11pm Sunday through Thursday.

Our staff can offer basic technological troubleshooting support, including help with internet connectivity, printers, and with non-specialized software.

Research assistance is available most nights until 2am if you need help finding resources for your paper.

Laptops, headphones, tablets, phone and computer chargers, and flash drives can be checked out from the Technology Services overnight before 10:30pm. These items may have limited availability after 11pm from the Information Desk, becoming available to check out as they are returned. Borrowed Technology items can be returned at the Information Desk when the Tech Borrowing Desk is closed.

Materials from the Reserves Collections can be pulled by our staff most nights, dependent on staffing levels and how busy the building is. Just ask at the Information Desk!

Between Midnight and 8am Collaborative Work Rooms are first come, first serve. Feel free to use one if you see it is empty.

Adaptive Technology rooms are available for overnight use for users authorized by ASAC. However, we do not make overnight reservations.

Materials from the collection can still be checked out using the Self-Check machine by the Borrowing Desk. 

The Mud Box is independently owned and operated, but will generally close at 2am.


All library policies remain in effect during overnight hours.

In general:

Library users can have drinks throughout the library so long as the container has a lid. Snacks can be consumed throughout the library, except at computer work stations. Meals should be consumed in the Mud Box. Food should not be delivered to the library.

Cell phone use is allowed in the main lobby, lower level lobby, the Mud Box, and rear stairwell.  VOIP services, such as Skype, are considered phone use. Texting is permitted throughout the building. Please silence your phone’s ring tone.

Sleeping at desks or chairs is allowed, but “camping out” is strongly discouraged.

Please wear headphones when listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a video game on your computer. Also be mindful that even with headphones it may be audible to other patrons and keep the volume adjusted as appropriate.

The 2nd floor is the silent floor and the 3rd floor is for quiet study. These policies are enforced overnight. Please be courteous to your fellow students.

Please don’t move the furniture and throw your trash out.


For other inquires about overnight services or policies call x3232 or contact Overnight Building Supervisor Matt Barry at