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Audio/Visual Services

Audio/Visual Services provides classroom and event support in most areas across campus. General services include computer and video display, voice amplification, audio recording, and portable streaming and lecture capture equipment. Special services include video streaming, and Consultation Services.The Spring Valley Building has an on-site AV support team. Please contact them directly for support and for information regarding services in that building. 

Audio/Visual Services does not currently provide support in the following locations: Katzen Arts Center, McKinley, MGC Tavern, and the Washington College of Law. Many units on campus maintain specialized or restricted access spaces for their own use and we are unable to provide support in those areas. Please contact the divisions or units involved for their reservation and use policies. 

Classroom Support

Most classrooms at AU are equipped with a digital projector or flat panel TV for computer display, a Blu-ray player and speakers as well as a camera and microphone covering the front of the room for video streaming, recording, or hybrid teaching. The audio and video equipment in most but not all general classrooms around campus are maintained and supported by Audio/Visual Services. Regular classrooms are equipped with push button control panels for your convenience. There are a number of other classrooms equipped with more advanced capabilities including touch panel control, multiple displays, document cameras, multiple computer inputs, built-in video and audio recording equipment, etc. 

Audio/Visual Services is always available for assistance and training in using the classroom technology, but please let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you'll need assistance. For weekend orders, please be sure to arrange assistance by 5 PM Thursday. This allows us to schedule the necessary equipment and staff to successfully complete your request. 

Event Support

Audio/Visual Services can support University sponsored events in many spaces throughout the campus. We can provide sound re-enforcement (microphones and PA systems), video projection, and self-service video and audio streaming in most indoor spaces. We can also provide outdoor PA systems in certain areas. 

In order to help with your needs, you must first contact University Event Scheduling to schedule a space. You may request Audio Visual equipment when you reserve your room. However, you also need to contact Audio/Visual Services directly to ensure that you get the equipment you need for your event is available . To learn more about the services we provide for Events, please see our Event Policies below. 

Wireless Projection

Wireless projection is available in most rooms on campus. Please contact  Audio/Visual Services if you're interested in using this technology.

Audio/Visual Policies

Audio/Visual Services provides projectors, screens, Blu-ray playback, and program audio in most indoor areas. Some smaller rooms may use flat panel video displays rather than projectors. Most rooms have both VGA and HDMI computer inputs but the newest systems have HDMI only.  Please let us know which you will need in your particular space. Due to the low power of their video outputs, portable devices (iPads and other tablets) may not work in all locations. Please contact AV in advance to arrange a test.

Microphones are available only in a number of larger spaces on campus where there are built-in sound systems or where audiences of more than 50 are expected where a portable PA may be provided at the discretion of Audio Visual. With the exception of large auditoriums or advanced technology classrooms, voice amplification is NOT generally available in classrooms except in cases of illness or special need. Please contact us for information about locations where voice amplification is available.

Most classrooms and many event spaces on campus include installed camera and microphone with USB output for self-service recording using your laptop and a streaming app such as Zoom or Kaltura. Audio Visual can also provide digital audio recording equipment for a class, meeting, or event. Unless otherwise requested, AV will provide audio recordings in the MP3 file format. Note: In most cases, AV staff members are unable to stay to operate recording equipment and AV does not provide editing and post-production services. Customers are required to have all recordings captioned before posting online. Audio Visual does not provide captioning services. Kaltura will automatically caption videos but the captions will require user editing for accuracy.

  1. Sound: AV provides amplification for outdoor events. However, the person or group making the request is responsible for some mandatory additional arrangements: Any outdoor request for amplification MUST be approved in advance by University Center – without sound approval, AV will be unable to provide equipment. In addition, arrangements must be made with University Facilities (x.2-FIX or x.2349) to provide power for any equipment. AV does not provide battery-powered equipment and does not run power cords from university buildings. 

  1. Video: AV does not provide video support for outdoor events. Ambient light on campus, day or night, renders our equipment useless for outdoor purposes. AV recommends that anyone planning an outdoor video event rent equipment from an appropriate vendor. Past groups have used local companies such as All in One Entertainment 

  1. Inclement Weather: AV will not provide outdoor equipment in inclement weather. If possible, arrange an indoor rain site and make arrangements with AV to support your event there. 

In addition to the equipment built into most classrooms and event spaces, AV can provide portable webcams, USB document cameras and USB microphones for use with web based conferencing (eg. Zoom,Teams etc.) or lecture capture (eg. Kaltura) applications. Users must make sure that they have downloaded the applicable software and set up their personal accounts and sessions in advance and must provide their own laptops. 

American University provides Zoom and Teams accounts for web-based videoconferencing. AV generally recommends conducting video conferences entirely online for the best interactive experience. 

For telephones and teleconferencing, please contact the Telecom department at x.1111 (202-885-1111). 

In most classrooms and event spaces, video streaming can be accomplished using the built-in streaming camera and mic by hooking up the rooms system via USB cable to the user’s laptop and an app such as Zoom. For certain large events, AV may be able to provide streaming services using IBM Video Streaming. This is an internet-accessible video feed that remote users can watch and listen to, either on the IBM Video Streaming site or as an embedded video within a webpage. AV will provide the links for sharing or embedding the streaming video, but is not responsible for embedding the video. 

Please make your request for a IBM Video Streaming session at least two weeks in advance of your event. Live streaming is not be available in all locations and the Audio Visual Department may not be able to provide streaming services with short lead time or if insufficient staff are available. Please contact Eric Gordon ( for streaming reservations and information. 

Please Note: Customers must arrange closed captioning for all streams.  Streaming without captions could expose the university to serious risk, and will be perceived as proceeding in a manner that is contrary to the inclusion ideals of American University. AV recommends using Home Team Captions. 

Audio Visual technicians can provide a variety of consultation services including: 

  • General Consultation including all of our audio visual services, training opportunities, best practices, and recommended solutions 
  • Event Consultation to assure that you are fully aware of the services available and the best options to make your event a success 

AV Systems Design & Installation: If your department wishes to update or add AV to an existing space under your control, we may be able to help in the following areas: 

  • Meet with you to identify your best-case scenarios, wish list, and budget for your space 
  • Recommend certain equipment for your space based on our vast institutional knowledge 
  • Arrange quotes to be made by our preferred AV integrators, with whom we have previously contracted, for equipment and installation; 
  • Inform you of what other cost factors and coordination issues (electrical work, OIT, etc) may be involved so that you can resolve them. 
  • If the project goes forward, we will test the installed equipment to make sure everything works properly, assisting in troubleshooting and assessing any performance issues where possible. We will also assist in training your staff to use the equipment. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: AV will not provide budget assistance for these projects and cannot be responsible for future routine maintenance (bulbs, filters, cables, etc.), repair, or upgrade of the systems. We will not be involved in the budget or payment process; your office will have to work directly with Purchasing to arrange the work and equipment payment. 


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