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Middle East Studies

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Welcome to Middle East Studies at American University!

Middle East Studies @ AU builds ties across the different schools at American University and connects faculty with graduate and undergraduate students. We are interdisciplinary, inclusive, and open to all who wish to contribute to the scholarly community on the Middle East at AU. Browse our Web site to see how American University from its location in Washington, DC, opens a unique vantage on the cultures, history, and politics of this complex region. Please see our full Mission Statement.

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News and Events

The Egyptian Revolution Working Group (ERWG)  

MES@AU is hosting the Egyptian Revolution Working Group (ERWG) for the Academic year 2014-2015. ERWG is a group of Washington DC-based scholars and advanced graduate student who share their research as it relates to the ongoing Egyptian revolution. The goal of ERWG is to support scholarship on the ongoing Egyptian revolution against the background of social theories of political change. By convening DC scholars across a range of disciplines, seeking to better understand the social and cultural processes at work in the Egyptian revolution.  

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Andrew Carnegie Centennial Fellowship  

The School of Public Affairs at American University, under the auspices of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, is offering support for visiting social science scholars from Arab universities. Research themes are: participatory governance, urban development, participatory urban planning, local government reform, public service provision, the political problems of mega-cities, asset-based approaches to urban development, urban mobilization, municipal elections, and public space in the Middle East and North Africa. Visiting scholars will also collaborate with Professor Diane Singerman on a project related to these themes.  

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