Welcome to: The Center for Diversity & Inclusion

American University- Office of Campus Life

What is CDI?

The Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI) works to advance American University's commitment to respecting & valuing diversity by serving as a resource and liaison for students, staff, and faculty on issues of equity through education, outreach, and advocacy. To achieve this mission, the center is dedicated to enhancing LGBTQ, multicultural, first generation, and women's experiences on campus.

Ongoing CDI Community Events

Meet and talk with your peers, learn what resources are available, and find your community! These events are open to both new and current students. Please reach out to cdi@american.edu with any questions or concerns.

  • Topic Thursdays: Beginning again Spring 2019!
  • First Fridays: Visit MGC 202 on the first Friday of every month for breakfast and coffee! The final First Fridayfor Fall Semester is December 7 from 9:30 AM-12:30 PM.