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Mail and Packages

On-campus residents can send and receive mail and packages during the academic year. Care should be taken to avoid misdirected or returned items by adhering to acceptance dates and correctly addressing items.

For detailed information about how mail received to campus is processed, refer to Mail Services.

Acceptance Dates

Fall 2018: Packages accepted between August 13 and December 14, 2018
Spring 2019: Packages accepted between January 12 and May 6, 2019, except for during Spring Break.

Spring Break

Packages will not be accepted during spring break, and mail rooms will not be open.

Addressing Your Items

All correspondence should be addressed correctly to avoid misdirected and delayed items.

[Full Name]
[Residence Hall] [Room Number]
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016-XXXX

Zip+4 Codes

Anderson Hall
Cassell Hall
Centennial Hall
Congressional Hall
Constitution Hall
Federal Hall
Hughes Hall
Leonard Hall
Letts Hall
McDowell Hall
Nebraska Hall
Roper Hall



Correspondence should be addressed as follow for residents of the Frequency through American University Housing & Residence Life.

[Full Name]
4000 Brandywine Street NW
[Apartment Number]
Washington, DC 20016

Picking Up Your Mail and Packages

Each residence hall has a mail room accessible 24/7. Each student will have a mail key to open a locked mailbox.

Package rooms are open Monday through Sunday, 12-5 p.m. throughout the academic year. Once a package arrives and is scanned at a residence hall front desk, an automated notice is emailed to the recipient's AU email address. See the below table for each residence hall's designated package location.

  • Anderson, Centennial: Anderson Hall
  • Letts, Roper: Letts Hall
  • Hughes, McDowell, Leonard: McDowell Hall
  • Congressional, Constitution, Federal: Federal Hall
  • Cassell: Cassell Hall
  • Nebraska: Nebraska Hall

During the days surrounding move-in, you may need to pick up your package at your designated temporary package room.

Lost Packages

If you believe you have lost a package, please have the Desk Receptionist fill out a Customer Service Inquiry (CSI) form. You will need to include the tracking number for the package.

Lost Mail Keys

If you have lost a mail key, please have the Desk Receptionist complete a Customer Service Inquiry (CSI) form.