Directory of DC Area NonProfit Organizations

Thank you for your interest in working with the nonprofit community. Check out the links below to see how you can connect with an issue or organization you are passionate about.

Learn about these organizations through Digital Stories created by AU students through the Community Voice Project.

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Non-Profit Directory
Category Description
Ability & Disability This document provides a list of various organizations in the DMV that work with people with disabilities and otherwise support that community.
African Community This document provides information on resources for Africans living in the DMV ranging from education support to immigration help and general community support.
Arts & Theatre In this document you can find opportunities to volunteer in the vibrant local art community of Washington D.C.
Business & Labor In this directory there are opportunities to volunteer with organizations that help workers and advocate for their rights.
College Access Programs This document provides information on opportunities to volunteer with programs that work to make college accessible to various underserved communities in the DMV.
Community Development In this directory you can find information on organizations whose work ranges from supporting local farmers to immigrants new to the United States.
Criminal Justice This document outlines organizations that fight to end child delinquency as well as improving the experience of prison.
Education & Youth This document provides information on organizations that work to help children who may have fallen behind or people who are continuing their education as adults.
Environmental This document contains resources about volunteering with organizations that work to clean up local parks and the Anacostia River as well as local farming opportunities.
Food Insecurity This directory includes opportunities to work with organizations to help end food insecurity and support those who are experiencing it.
Health & Nutrition This document has opportunities to volunteering including leading runs with DC teens and working to provide food to low-income families in the district.
Historic This document provides information about organizations working to preserve the history of communities in the DMV.
HIV & AIDS In this document there is information on organizations that advocate for AIDs research as well as support groups for children and general services that help at-risk people living with AIDs and HIV.
Homelessness & Food This document contains information on volunteering with DC organizations that help people experiencing homelessness as well as local food banks.
Human Rights Refer to this document for a list of organizations whose work centers around advocacy for the rights of all people's.
International & Multicultural This document contains information on volunteering with DC organizations that advocate for human rights as provide needed services to refugees in the DMV.
Latino Doc This document contains information about Latino-centered organizations that provide various educational services including college readiness support, charter schools, and preschool as well as immigration support and advocacy.
LGBTQA This document provides information on centers that support the LBTQA+ community in the area as well as organizations that provide needed support services and advocacy.
Middle East This document contains information about various middle eastern-rooted organizations, that advocate for human rights, policy change, and education.
Race & Ethnicity This document contains the local information for various race-based advocacy organizations such as the NAACP and La Raza.
Refugee & Immigration This document provides information on the various organizations in the DMV that provide resources for refugees from local justice systems to socio-economic development programs.
Senior Citizens This document provides information on places to volunteer with local senior citizens as well as research advocacy.
Women & Gender This document has resources on gender-based support from shelters to general community support for girls and women.