Melanie Bullock Director, Center for Leadership & Community Engagement SA | Center for Leadership and Community Engagement

Melanie Bullock is a higher education administrator committed to developing people who will in turn transform their organizations, their communities, and the world. She received her Bachelor of Arts d


Jacob Ortiz Associate Director, Education and Equity SA | Center for Leadership and Community Engagement

Jacob Ortiz joined C.C.E.S in June of 2019. He is the Associate Director for Education & Equity and serves as the Director of the DC Reads Program. Jacob has a career spanning over 15 years in non-pro


Saagar Gupta Assistant Director Community-Based Learning & Spec Programs SA | Center for Leadership and Community Engagement

Saagar (Saw-GRR) Gupta now manages the Service-Learning programs at American University, including the Community-Based Learning Courses (CB) and Community-Service Learning Programs (CSLP). Saagar firs


Davanta Parker Assistant Director, Leadership Development & Global Engageme SA | Alternative Breaks

DaVanta is the Assistant Director for Leadership Development and Global Engagement. He is responsible for the comprehensive leadership development programs for students, including coordinating the Eme