GivePulse FAQ

  • Where do I go to add impacts?
  • What should I write in my reflection when I submit an impact?
    • Your reflection is flexible. Default to writing a quick couple of sentences about what you did for service that day, but feel free to connect it to something you are learning in class, something you learned about during your service, or anything else relevant! Remember though that your reflections will be public to everyone, including your community partner, so please keep them respectful.
  • How do I find my community partner on GivePulse?
    1. Log into (switch to Beta View if these instructions don’t match up with your screen. There should be a flag on your display with an option to switch)
    2. Click “Explore” in the upper right
    3. Click “Groups” on the left
    4. Search for your community partner (make sure you are looking in DC!)
    5. Click on your community partner’s profile and click “Join” on the right
  • What should I do if my community partner isn't on GivePulse?
    • We recommend reaching out to your site supervisor and direct them to another webpage titled "GivePulse for Community Partners". The webpage has step-by-step instructions on how organizations can become affiliated with American University.
  • Can I log my transportation?
    • Yes! If you are traveling an hour or more for your service, you can log half of that time (i.e. if you're traveling an hour, log 30 minutes). Either you can just add that travel time to your impact for the service event or you can keep track of your travel time and enter one cumulative impact at the end.
  • Who verifies the hours I complete?
    • In most cases, the person running your community partner's GivePulse page will be the one verifying your hours. Otherwise, someone at the CCES office (most likely the CBLR team) will follow up and verify your hours. If you have any issues with GivePulse, please directly email us at