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Students preparing meal at MLK Day of Service site

Why One-Day Service Events?

Our One-Day Service Events program (ODSE) was designed to provide members of the AU community with a myriad of opportunities to connect with the diverse communities of Washington, DC. Although this program primarily focuses on the facilitation of short-term community service projects, we've made several enhancements that allow participants to experience deeper levels of community engagement during our seven sponsored ODSE events each year. Whether you're an AU student, alum, staff or faculty member, we hope you'll consider serving with us soon!

Read Your World Day 2019

Read Your World Day

On Wednesday, March 6th, The Center for Community Engagement & Service celebrated their first ever Read Your World Day. On Read Your World Day members of the AU Community went into DC Elementary schools with the goal of reading multicultural literature to and do activities with students. This year the CCES office chose to focus on multicultural literature because we believe that, ... "every kid deserves to see themselves as the main character in a story." -Wendy Shang, Author

This year, 23 volunteers (19 students,4 staff members), went to 3 schools (LaSalle- Backus, LAMB; Missouri Campus, and Brightwood), serviced 606 kids and completed a total of 80.5 hours of service.

We hope you can join us next year!

For additional information on volunteering, please contact our staff at 202-885-7378 or

AU is committed to advancing social justice and civic responsibility. The Center for Community Engagement and Service (CCES) leads the AU community into the world to serve. From projects around D.C. to trips abroad, CCES stands with a university dedicated to improving lives in our global community.

Meet with a CCES Staff Member

Interested in coordinating a community service project? Would like to get more involved in the District? (202) 885-7378 or e-mail at

Ongoing Service Opportunities

We sincerely hope our students participate in meaningful short-term service opportunities that inspire them to deepen their engagement with vulnerable communities. Check out EngageNet for some ongoing service opportunities for committed students.