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Information Technology Security

A successful security program can only be achieved with everyone's participation. Whether you are a staff, faculty, student, visitor, or alumni, you have the ability and responsibility to manage the risk under your purview when you interact with American University's network and data. Fortunately, the university supports staff that focus on cyber-security issues. If you have any questions, please contact the IT Help Desk at 202-885-2550,, or via to request a security consultation.

OIT's information security team supports the executive leadership of AU in protecting and defending American University's information assets by implementing appropriate and efficient security practices in IT planning, implementation, management, and operations, while assuring confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, accountability and availability.

Our Approach

The team works to accomplish this through:


  • ensuring compliance with applicable policies, laws, and regulations
  • enforcing university policies and standards
  • highlighting sources of risk to university management
  • implementing technologies that increase the visibility of potential risks to our data
  • developing repeatable processes that validate security in IT systems and services
  • contributing to awareness, training, and education programs
  • initiating partnerships with departments to evaluate and improve their computer security practices
  • safeguarding new technologies and services
  • applying the principles of depth in defense when employing solutions
  • investigating and responding to security incidents