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First-Year Advising

Helping students navigate their first year of college


Welcome to the First Year Advising page. Here, you’ll be able to get information pertaining to your needs as a first year student. This includes a snapshot of your academic journey in your first year, links to many resources, and information about how we advise first year students.

First-Year Advising

First Year Advising allows each first year student to be assigned to one advisor throughout their first year regardless of intended major. This allows students to have consistency through their first year if they decide to change intended majors or explore different options, while also having one advisor help them navigate AU as they transition to our campus. Their advisor will also teach their AUx1 Course and will have no more than 76 assigned students. This close-knit relationship allows their advisor to engage in personal mentorship that recognizes student’s individual needs. Plus, this ensures that students will see their advisor every week in the classroom during the Fall semester.

Next Steps

In late May, First-Year Advisors will reach out to incoming first year students about next steps. This will include information about course registration, which will take place in mid-June.

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