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Institute for Carbon Removal Law & Policy

Dedicated to assessing the social, legal, ethical, and political implications of carbon removal technologies and practices.

The Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy is a research center in the School of International Service at American University, Washington DC. We are dedicated to the assessment and promotion of sustainable carbon removal.

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ICRLP webinar series: "Scrubbing the Skies: The Role of Carbon Dioxide Removal in Combatting Climate Change"

Join the Institute for Carbon Removal and Policy upcoming event in our webinar series, “Scrubbing the Skies: The Role of Carbon Dioxide Removal in Combating Climate Change.” The series focuses on scientific, technological, legal, political, and justice-focused issues associated with carbon dioxide removal and is hosted by Wil Burns, Visiting Professor in the Environmental Policy & Culture Program at Northwestern University. Recordings of our entire webinar series can be found here.

Podcast series: "Plan Sea: Ocean Interventions to Address Climate Change"

Launched in December 2022, ICRLP Senior Fellow Dr. Wil Burns has launched a new ocean CDR focused podcast series. Episodes will focus on ocean-based climate geoengineering options that seek to reduce incoming solar radiation (solar radiation modification) or remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (carbon dioxide removal). The podcast scrutinizes risks and benefits of these options, as well as matters of governance, stakeholder engagement, ethics, and politics. Episodes are released biweekly, and can be found here.

Why does carbon removal matter?

Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is now an essential component of humanity’s response to climate change. The Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy works to find carbon removal’s appropriate forms, scales, and applications. 

To learn more about the basics of carbon removal, see our Fact Sheets, Introductory Explainer, Glossary of Key Terms, and Why Talk About Carbon Removal? report.

Other resources include our blogour accessible abstract series summarizing important new academic papers, archives recordings from our webinar series and our Sustainable Carbon Removal report, and our Science Primer on the state CDR science and the accompanying summary.

Institute Resources

Carbon Removal Action Tracker

This Carbon Removal Corporate Action Tracker outlines some interesting moves regarding climate action in aviation, energy, heavy industry, and other harder-to-abate sector, as well as large financial actors and retail companies.

We are currently working on revamping this resource, so stay tuned!



Carbon Removal Explainer

This important resource details what carbon removal is, why it is important, the role carbon removal has to play in climate policy, co-benifits & and concerns, and breaks down CDR technologies and practices.

Read the entire Carbon Removal Explainer here.



Glossary of Key Terms

This Carbon Removal Glossary defines key terminology and acronyms related to carbon removal and explains some of the relationships between the terms.