Last name starts with A

Kimberly Anastacio Vilela Adjunct Instructor

Kimberly is a PhD student at the School of Communication. Her interests include Internet Governance, technology policy and digital rights. She has an MA and a BA in Political Science from the Universi

Kara Andrade Adjunct Instructor

Kara Andrade is an Adjunct Professor at American University’s School of Communication, as well as the editor in chief at Carolina Public Press.In the past she was the Senior Innovation Specialist for

Last name starts with B

Asvatha Babu

Asvatha Babu is a PhD candidate at American University’s School of Communication and a Doctoral Researcher at the Internet Governance Lab, studying emerging technologies and new media. She is interest

Bryan Bello

Bryan Bello is a PhD candidate at American University’s School of Communication. He studies the representation of public interests in information policy debates concerning intellectual property, digit

Tirrea Billings

Tirrea Billings is a PhD student in the School of Communication at American University. Tirrea's research interests lies at the intersection of social justice communications and how media affects soci

Last name starts with C

Margaret Clifford Adjunct Instructor

Maggie Clifford's research focuses on climate literacy and communication, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the intersections of art and science. She earned a masters degree at the University of Fl

Jane Cronin Adjunct Instructor

Jane is PhD candidate in the School of Communication. She is completing her dissertation on emotional expression within the #BlackLivesMatter and Second Amendment movements on Twitter. Her research in

Last name starts with H

Chelsea Horne Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Dr. Chelsea L. Horne's areas of research encompass communication, digital culture, information integrity, privacy, internet governance, AI policy, and cultural and performance studies. Recent work has

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Brian Hughes Adjunct Instructor

Brian Hughes is a doctoral student and adjunct professor in the School of Communication. His work explores the impact of communication technology on political and religious extremism, terrorism and fr

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Last name starts with K

Fritz Kessler

Fritz Kessler is a PhD student in the AU School of Communication. His research interests include political communication and surveillance capitalism. When he's not studying, he and his wife are breath

Last name starts with M

Marwa Moaz

Marwa Moaz is a doctoral student at the School of Communication. Her research interests center around feminist digital social movements with a focus on Muslim American women. She has a MA and BA in So

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Junki Nakahara Adjunct Instructor

Junki Nakahara is a PhD candidate at American University’s School of Communication. Her research focuses on nationalism and xenophobia in East Asian contexts, critical and cultural studies, feminist m

Last name starts with P

Mladen Petkov

Mladen Petkov (mluh-DEN' peht-KOFF') is a PhD graduate at the School of Communication. His dissertation focuses on journalistic roles and intervention practices that push back against media oppression

Last name starts with R

Randolph Rosin

Currently an Assistant Professor at the National Intelligence University teaching courses in cyber threat intelligence, propaganda, denial and deception, and leadership. A 32-year Army veteran, Randy

Last name starts with S

Mariana Sanchez Santos Adjunct Instructor

Currently a PhD student in the School of Communication at American University, Mariana holds a BA in International Relations from ITAM in Mexico City and a Master of Arts in Political Communication fr

Tambra Stevenson

Tambra Raye Stevenson, MPH, MA, is a Ph.D. candidate at the American University School of Communication. Her research dives deep into the realm of digital communities and Black women’s health, seeking

Thomas Struett

Thomas Struett is a communication PhD student at American university. He is also the research director at the Digital Trade and Data Governance Hub located at George Washington University. His researc