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Kimberly Anastacio

Kimberly is a PhD student at the School of Communication. Her interests include Internet Governance, technology policy and digital rights. She has an MA and a BA in Political Science from the Universi

Kara Andrade Adjunct Instructor

Kara Andrade is an Adjunct Professor at American University’s School of Communication, as well as Program Director at the International Center for Journalists. In the past she was the Senior Innovat

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Asvatha Babu

Asvatha Babu is a PhD student at American University’s School of Communication studying technology hype in media and governments’ adoption of emerging technologies as tools of development and soft pow

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Margaret Clifford

Maggie Clifford's research focuses on climate literacy and communication, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the intersections of art and science. She earned a masters degree at the University of Fl

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Brian Hughes Adjunct Instructor

Brian Hughes is a doctoral student and adjunct professor in the School of Communication. His work explores the impact of communication technology on political and religious extremism, terrorism and fr

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Fernanda Ribeiro Rosa

Fernanda's research focuses on the politics of internet interconnection to elucidate values embedded in internet infrastructure and its social, political and economic implications. Specifically, she a

Randolph Rosin

Currently an Assistant Professor at the National Intelligence University teaching courses in cyber threat intelligence, propaganda, denial and deception, and leadership. A 32-year Army veteran, Randy

Last name starts with W

Olivia Williams

Olivia's core research areas: Cybersecurity, civ-mil field operations, hostile environment communication and ethics pertaining to data privacy. Liv has worked on research projects for the Internet Gov