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Staff Personnel Conference Thursday, June 7, 2018

Staff Council believes that it is our responsibility to encourage and foster opportunities for peer engagement among staff throughout American University. We understand that professional development opportunities at national conferences within our respective fields and industries might not be feasible for all members of the American University personnel. As such we hope this conference will bring about new ideas across campus, highlight our talent within our campus community, and inspire new engagements and partnerships for our community.

In addition to sessions presented by colleagues from across the campus, we are excited to announce that we will spend the lunch hour with a keynote speaker.

Conference Registration Link:
Registration is free and will be rolling through Friday, June 1st.

We ask that you RSVP, so that we can prepare adequately for session participants, refreshments and other materials.

Conference Proposal Link:
We desire to highlight the talent and skill of our campus colleagues through this conference. We encourage anyone who is interested in showcasing their talent, best practices, and skills to submit a program proposal.

If there are any questions about program proposals please email Good Luck!

Tips on Presentations

Interested in presenting, but not sure of what to present? The purpose of the Conference is to give our staff the opportunity to highlight practices from AU offices and the work related activity that is being done.

Has your office or team received some type of award? Your presentation can highlight the purpose of the award, what business practices your office has taken that made their receipt of the award successful and what are some takeaways that can be adopted by other offices or teams?

In the same vein we are also looking to highlight specific talent from individuals in the work that they do or areas that they are passionate about.

If you love social media, for example. What are some techniques or best practices to teach your colleagues how to best utilize social media either in the work that they do, or in how they brand themselves? If you can answer YES to any of those points than you have a great presentation ahead! Additional topical ideas can include: 

  • Social Media in your daily work 
  • Self-care and self-compassion 
  • Healthy cooking and eating 
  • Professional networking across campus 
  • Mentoring

When thinking of the outline, remember presentations will be one hour.

As always have questions please email and we would be happy to answer your questions. Additionally as a word of advice from your Staff Council, no idea is too big or too small to present on. There is something that you are doing that is unique and should be celebrated. This conference is meant to do exactly that, celebrate our talent and provide a new way of thinking for our colleagues.