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About the Center for Business Communications

Our Mission

The Center for Business Communications works with Kogod School of Business community to help them become better writers, speakers, thinkers, and readers. We believe that writers and speakers at all levels of ability benefit from sharing their written text and verbal presentations with people who will provide honest, yet supportive feedback. Our staff serves as both readers and audience members, and will ask questions and suggest revisions to improve clarity.


The Kogod Center for Business Communications can help you with:

  • Brainstorming and formulating your bottom line
  • Revising any written assignment in progress
  • Organizing and practicing individual and team assignments
  • Preparing for case competitions
  • Developing PowerPoint slides and other slideware
  • Overcoming nervousness when presenting
  • Videotaping presentations
  • Writing professional documents (emails, cover letters, reports, and other documents)
  • Practicing elevator pitches and interview skills


KCBC Staff

Staff Members

  • Caron Martinez, Director
  • Virginia Sheridan, Senior Assistant Director
  • Shenandoah Sowash, Assistant Director