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New Faculty

Nika Elder
Art history professor Nika Elder.

Brian Eric Anderson
• PhD physics, University of Arizona
• BA and BS mathematics, University of Rochester
• Quantum optics, quantum information, and atomic physics.

Asia Ferrin
• PhD and MA philosophy, University of Washington
• BA philosophy, Westminster College
• Moral psychology, feminist philosophy, and ethics. How automatic, unconscious intuitions lead to good moral judgments. Additionally, systems of marginalization and oppression, with specific focus on implicit bias and microaggressions.

Valentina Aquila
• PhD meteorology, Ludwig-Maximilian University
• Laurea physics, University of Genoa
• Role of atmospheric aerosol in the climate system, in particular from volcanic eruptions, forest fires, and geoengineering.

Jeff Gill
• PhD government and statistics, American University
• MBA, Georgetown University
• BA mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles
• Ranging from political behavior and institutions to statistical computing, Bayesian inference, blood/circulation, cancer epidemiology and pediatric traumatic brain injury.

Orisanmi Burton
• PhD social anthropology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
• MLIS library and information science, Long Island University
• BA liberal arts, Hampshire College
• Race and racialization, crime and punishment, policing and security, social movements and prison abolition, urban studies, social geography, and critical theory.qualitative research methods, and participatory action research.

Emily Grossnickle Peterson
• PhD human development and quantitative methodology, University of Maryland, College Park
• MA educational measurement and statistics, University of Maryland, College Park
• BA psychology, Towson University
• BM music performance, Towson University
• STEM education, equity, and learning.

Nika Elder
• PhD and MA art history, Princeton University
• BA art history and studio art, Wellesley College
• American art, including African American art, the history of photography, and contemporary art, with a particular interest in the politics of art that looks distinctly apolitical.

Silvina Guidoni
• PhD and MS physics, Montana State University
• BS physics, Mar del Plata National University
• Heliophysics, including space weather, with particular interest on the theoretical and computational modeling of solar eruptions and particle acceleration.

Ibram X. Kendi
• PhD and MA African American studies, Temple University
• BS journalism and African American studies, Florida A&M University
• History of racism and anti-racism, global race relations, civil rights and black power, intellectual history.

Patricia Park
• MFA fiction, Boston University
• BA English literature, Swarthmore College
• Author of novel Re Jane. Nonfiction published in the New York Times, Guardian, and Salon. At work on second novel focused on Korean diaspora in Argentina.

Jessica Leight
• PhD economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• MPhil economics, Oxford University
• BA ethics, politics and economics, Yale University
• Development economics and political economy, particularly rural institutions and structural transformation in the industrialization process, and decision-making around human capital investment and gender.

Dolen Perkins-Valdez
• PhD American literature, George Washington University
• AB African American studies, Harvard University
• Creative writing (fiction, nonfiction), African American literature, con-
temporary American literature, historical fiction.

Manissa McCleave Maharawal
• PhD and MA anthropology, City University of New York
• BA anthropology, Sarah Lawrence College
• Urban United States, social movements, post-occupy, gentrification, political subjectivity, race, policing, counter-mapping, oral history.

Alexander Zestos
• PhD chemistry, University of Virginia
• BS and MS chemistry, College of William and Mary
• Development of analytical tools to answer complex questions in neuroscience, electrochemistry, microdialysis, drug abuse, dopamine.