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Selected Publications

Hawkins M, Watts E, Irvine Belson S, Snelling S. Design and Implementation of a 5-Year School-Based Nutrition Education Intervention. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 2020;52(4):421-28

Kalicki M, Irvine Belson S, McClave R, Snelling A.  Healthy Educators, Healthy Children: A Pathway to Lifelong Health Starts in Early Childhood. Journal of Education and Human Development. 2019: 8 (4): 31-35.

Cotter L, Elsemore J, Snelling A. Vivir Sano: Examining the feasibility and preliminary effectiveness of a community-based obesity prevention program. Journal of Health Education.

Gardner J, Snelling A, Ronzio C. Transformational learning in undergraduate public health education: Course design for generation Z. Pedagogy for Health Promotion. 2017:1-6.

Snelling A, Irvine Belson S, Watts E, George S*, Van Dyke H, Malloy E, Schlicker S, Katz N. Measuring the implementation of a school wellness policy. Journal of School Health. 2017:87(10):760-768. 

Snelling A, Newman C, Watts E, Kalicki M*, Van Dyke H, Malloy E, Ghamarian Y, Guthrie J, Mancino L. Pairing fruit and vegetables to promote consumption in elementary school cafeterias. Journal of Child Nutrition Management. 2017:41(1).

Snelling A, Newman C, Guthrie J, Mancino L, Ellsworth D*, George S*, Kalicki M*, Van Dyke H, Malloy E, Nash K. Engaging elementary students with taste tests to promote vegetable consumption. Health Behavior and Policy Review. 2017:4(1):67-75.

Snelling A, Irvine Belson S, Watts E, George S, Van Dyke, H, Malloy E, Kalicki M. Translating School Health Research to Policy: School Outcomes Related to the Health Environment and Changes in Mathematics Achievement. Appetite. 2015.

Ellsworth D,* George, S*, Snelling A. Is it Time to Reconsider Offer versus Serve? Journal of School Health. 2015: 85(9):575-577.

Snelling A, Irvine Belson S, Beard J, Young K. “Associations between grades and physical activity and food choices: Results from YRBS from a large school district.” Health Education. 2015:115(2):141-151. Received a “Highly Commended Paper in the 2016 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence.”

Ellsworth D,* Ernst J, Snelling A. “A mobile farmers’ market brings nutrition education to low-income students.” Health Education. 2015:115(2):171-177.

Snelling A, Maroto M, Jacknowitz A, Waxman, E. “What works in elementary school-based food pantries? Perspectives from food bank and school pantry personnel.” Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition. 2014:9(3):350-361.

Maroto M, Snelling A, Linck H. “Food insecurity among community college students: prevalence and association with grade point average.” Community College Journal of Research and Practice. 2014; online.

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Snelling A. “A community-academic partnership to promote student health and education outcomes.” Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. 2013;24(2):97-102.

Snelling, A., Ernst, J., Irvine Belson, S. “Teachers as role models in the fight against childhood obesity.” Journal of Pediatric Biochemistry, special edition. 2013; 3 (1):55-60.

Snelling, A., Irvine Belson, S., Young, J.* “School health reform.” Journal of Child Management and Nutrition. 2012;36(1).

Snelling, A. “Health education teachers: A call to lead, A Commentary” American Journal of Health Education. 2012;43(3):132-134.

Grant Reports

Snelling A, Watts E, Van Dyke H, McClave R, Panzera A, Bertrand A. Healthy Corners: Balancing Store Performance & Customer Needs to Promote Fresh Produce Access & Consumption, a 2019 Evaluation. September 2019. 

Watts E, Snelling A, Albershardt R, Van Dyke H. Healthy Students: Ready to Learn: Strategies to Increase Healthy Food Consumption in DC Public Schools. December 2018.

Snelling A, Watts E, Yamamoto J, Young J, Van Dyke H, Nutbeam M. Healthy Corners: Balancing Store Performance and Customer Needs, a 2018 Evaluation. September 2018.

Snelling A, Watts E, Albershardt R, Van Dyke H, Kpamegan N. DC’s Healthy Corner Store Program: An Evaluation 2014-2016. 2017.

Watts E, Snelling A, Irvine-Belson S, Van Dyke H, Malloy E, Ghamarian Y. The Healthy Schools Act of 2010: Building Healthy School Environments. Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic Region. 2016.