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Selected Publications

Snelling, A.; Hawkins, M.; McClave, R.; Belson, S.I. (2023). The Role of Teachers in Addressing Childhood Obesity: A School Based Approach. Nutrients. 15, 3981. nu15183981

McClave R, Snelling AM, Hawkins M, Belson SI. Healthy Schoolhouse 2.0 Strides toward Equity in Obesity Prevention. Childhood ObesityJuly 2022.

Hawkins M, Belson SI, McClave R, Kohls L, Little S, Snelling A. Healthy Schoolhouse 2.0 Health Promotion Intervention to Reduce Childhood Obesity in Washington, DC: A Feasibility Study. Nutrients. 2021; 13(9):2935.

Hawkins M, Fuchs H*, Watts E, Belson SI, Snelling A. Development of a nutrition literacy survey for use among elementary school students in communities with high rates of food insecurityJournal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition. 2021

Snelling S, Yamamoto J, Belazis L, Seltzer G, McClave R, Watts E. Incentivizing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Purchases with Fresh Produce in Corner Stores to Reduce Food Inequity in Underserved Areas of Washington DC. Health Equity2020: 4 (1): 386-393. 

Hawkins M, Watts E, Irvine Belson S, Snelling S. Design and Implementation of a 5-Year School-Based Nutrition Education Intervention. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 2020;52(4):421-28

Kalicki M, Irvine Belson S, McClave R, Snelling A.  Healthy Educators, Healthy Children: A Pathway to Lifelong Health Starts in Early Childhood. Journal of Education and Human Development. 2019; 8(4): 31-35.

Cotter L, Elsemore J, Snelling A. Vivir Sano: Examining the feasibility and preliminary effectiveness of a community-based obesity prevention program. Journal of Health Education.

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Snelling A, Irvine Belson S, Watts E, George S*, Van Dyke H, Malloy E, Schlicker S, Katz N. Measuring the implementation of a school wellness policy. Journal of School Health. 2017;87(10):760-768. 

Snelling A, Newman C, Watts E, Kalicki M*, Van Dyke H, Malloy E, Ghamarian Y, Guthrie J, Mancino L. Pairing fruit and vegetables to promote consumption in elementary school cafeterias. Journal of Child Nutrition Management. 2017;41(1).

Snelling A, Newman C, Guthrie J, Mancino L, Ellsworth D*, George S*, Kalicki M*, Van Dyke H, Malloy E, Nash K. Engaging elementary students with taste tests to promote vegetable consumption. Health Behavior and Policy Review. 2017;4(1):67-75.

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Ellsworth D,* George, S*, Snelling A. Is it Time to Reconsider Offer versus Serve? Journal of School Health. 2015: 85(9):575-577.

Snelling A, Irvine Belson S, Beard J, Young K. “Associations between grades and physical activity and food choices: Results from YRBS from a large school district.” Health Education. 2015:115(2):141-151. Received a “Highly Commended Paper in the 2016 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence.”

Ellsworth D,* Ernst J, Snelling A. “A mobile farmers’ market brings nutrition education to low-income students.” Health Education. 2015:115(2):171-177.

Snelling A, Maroto M, Jacknowitz A, Waxman, E. “What works in elementary school-based food pantries? Perspectives from food bank and school pantry personnel.” Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition. 2014:9(3):350-361.

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Snelling A. “A community-academic partnership to promote student health and education outcomes.” Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. 2013;24(2):97-102.

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Snelling, A., Irvine Belson, S., Young, J.* “School health reform.” Journal of Child Management and Nutrition. 2012;36(1).

Snelling, A. “Health education teachers: A call to lead, A Commentary” American Journal of Health Education. 2012;43(3):132-134.

Grant Reports

McClave R, Boileau J, Van Dyke H, Snelling A. Healthy Corners 2023 Evaluation: Balancing Store Performance & Customer Needs to Promote Fresh Produce Access & Consumption. September 2023  

Wells A, McClave R, Smith Z, Van Dyke H, Snelling A. Healthy Corners 2022 Evaluation: Balancing Store Performance & Customer Needs to Promote Fresh Produce Access & Consumption. September 2022

Snelling A, McClave R, Van Dyke H, Wells A, Joseph L. Healthy Corners: Balancing Store Performance & Customer Needs to Promote Fresh Produce Access & Consumption, 2017-2020 Evaluation. September 2020. 

Snelling A, Watts E, Van Dyke H, McClave R, Panzera A, Bertrand A. Healthy Corners: Balancing Store Performance & Customer Needs to Promote Fresh Produce Access & Consumption, a 2019 Evaluation. September 2019. 

Watts E, Snelling A, Albershardt R, Van Dyke H. Healthy Students: Ready to Learn: Strategies to Increase Healthy Food Consumption in DC Public Schools. December 2018.

Snelling A, Watts E, Yamamoto J, Young J, Van Dyke H, Nutbeam M. Healthy Corners: Balancing Store Performance and Customer Needs, a 2018 Evaluation. September 2018.

Snelling A, Watts E, Albershardt R, Van Dyke H, Kpamegan N. DC’s Healthy Corner Store Program: An Evaluation 2014-2016. 2017.

Watts E, Snelling A, Irvine-Belson S, Van Dyke H, Malloy E, Ghamarian Y. The Healthy Schools Act of 2010: Building Healthy School Environments. Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic Region. 2016.