Physics Faculty and Staff

Please see below for Adjunct & Emeritus Faculty or Department Staff.

Full-Time Faculty

Nathan Harshman Associate Professor and Department Chair, Physics CAS - Physics

Professor Harshman pursues research in theoretical physics, focusing his studies on the intersection of quantum information theory and particle physics. Entanglement is a fundamental resource for many

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Silvina Guidoni Assistant Professor CAS - Physics

Professor Guidoni is a theoretical and computational heliophysicist who focuses on the study of solar flares and coronal mass ejections (the most powerful bursts in the solar system). These solar erup

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Gregory Harry Associate Professor CAS - Physics

Gregg Harry works to detect gravitational waves from supernovas, neutron stars, pulsars, and possibly the Big Bang.  In this way, he is testing Einstein’s theory of gravity against Newton’s. An astrop

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Philip Johnson Associate Professor CAS - Physics

Philip Johnson received his PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Maryland in 2000, as a member of the Gravitational Theory Group working on problems at the interaction of general relativi

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Teresa Larkin Associate Professor CAS - Physics

Teresa L. Larkin is an Associate Professor of Physics Education at American University and Director of the Dual-Degree Program in affiliation with Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Appli

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Jessica Uscinski Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - Physics

Jessica Uscinski recently joined the Physics Department at American University as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2008. She received her PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Arizona in 200

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Adunct & Emeritus Faculty

Michael Gray Associate Prof Emeritus

Prof. Gray received his PhD in Physics from Pennsylvania State University in 1968, after which he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto in 1968-1969. In 1969-1972, he was an Assistant

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Romeo Segnan Prof Emeritus

Romeo Segnan came to American University in 1967, where he pursued his career in physics. In 1987 he was appointed chair of the physics department, which he held for the next ten years. During the yea

Kishan Yerubandi Adjunct Instructor

Kishan Yerubandi is a theoretical physicist, mathematician, and data scientist, with broad interests in any kind of quantitative work, from statistics to computer science, in both academia and industr

Department Staff

Kristof Aldenderfer Adjunct Instructor CAS - Physics

Kristof directs the Design and Build Lab, a rapid prototyping space where students, staff, and faculty create things to solve problems. He serves as the Technology Manager for the Don Myers Technology

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