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Center For Postsecondary Readiness and Success (CPRS)

AU STEAM FAIRE - Fall 2019


To increase equitable and accessible pathways to postsecondary success for all people.


The Center will create an aligned system, driven by student outcomes to disseminate new knowledge and discovery of college and career readiness and persistence models, while simultaneously connecting this new knowledge to K-12 and higher education policy formation.


Through strategic partnerships, the center will engage in multi-disciplinary approaches to improve equitable student postsecondary opportunity—with implications for practice, research, and policy development. The Center will be specifically devoted to the study of systems and processes that elevate the voices of vulnerable communities.

  • Identify a common set of practitioner competencies needed to effectively guide and support students on their postsecondary path.
  • Ensure that every student has access to high quality postsecondary advising and counseling support.
  • Identify school and community-based systems, policies, and practices that influence and contribute to equitable postsecondary attainment.
  • Reimagine, reframe, and conduct interdisciplinary research to unpack effective counseling and advising practices that support student postsecondary exploration, planning, enrollment, and persistence.
  • Elevate parent and student voices to better understand the advising and counseling support structures they desire as they navigate their postsecondary path.
  • Publish practitioner, family, and student friendly reports to disseminate knowledge and provide tools that will foster the replication of evidence based practices.