Spring Move-In

We extend a warm welcome to new and returning American University residents. Learn more about your room assignment and arrival process to help you prepare for opening in January.


  • Sunday, January 5: Residence halls open for check-in at 3 p.m.
  • Sunday, January 12: Packages begin to be accepted and distributed.

Residents returning to the same space for spring 2020 can proceed directly to their space after the halls open for the spring term. Returning students do no need to check-in at their hall desk upon arrival to campus. 

RAs will be holding floor meetings on Sunday, January 12 and returning students should plan to attend these meetings for important information and to verify they have returned to campus to maintain their housing assignment.

Checking In

Residence halls open for check-in beginning 3 p.m. Sunday, January 5, 2020. Students must complete their check-in by January 13, 2020.

Students checking in January 5-10 should go to the below locations:

  • Leonard Hall: students residing in Hughes, Leonard, Cassell, and McDowell halls.
  • Nebraska Hall: students residing in Nebraska Hall 
  • Federal Hall: students residing in Federal, Constitution, and Congressional halls.
  • Anderson Hall: students residing in Anderson, Centennial, Letts, and Roper halls.
  • Frequency Apartments: students residing in the Frequency Apartments.

Students checking in starting January 11 will proceed to the front desk of their assigned residence hall. 

Remember to bring government issued photo identification. Those arriving during One Card (AU ID card) office hours who do not already have a One Card will be directed to that office to acquire one. If the One Card office is not open, a temporary room access card will be provided at check-in. If you already have a One Card, please bring it with you as it serves as your key to your building and room.

Before You Arrive

  1. Know where and with whom you're living.
    • You can find your room assignment and roommate contact information on your AU Housing Portal. We strongly suggest you contact your roommate or roommates before move-in. Living with a brand new person can be challenging, so getting to know your similarities and differences early makes a large impact on settling in. Because your room might not be as large as the one you have at home, it is also useful to discuss what you plan to bring to campus.
    • Your Resident Assistant (RA) will send you an email closer to move-in, so be sure to check your AU email!
  2. Take care of outstanding needs, such as submitting your One Card photo and personalizing your space.
    • New students should visit the One Card & Dining Services webpage for information on uploading a One Card photo before the start of the semester and to learn how to pick-up their One Card before checking into their residence hall.
    • Many students utilize our various vendor partnerships to personalize their living experience with bed loft, MicroFridge, and lockbox rentals.
  3. Create a packing list and get to know what items you can't bring into your building and room.
    • Students live in a variety of residence styles around campus. Each residence hall room measures approximately 12 by 15 feet and is equipped with built-in closets or wardrobes, storage cabinets, beds, desks and chairs, and bookcases. Because specific layouts can vary, we have provided hall dimensions and images.
    • Although you may want to bring several of your personal items, we encourage you to remember that you will need far less than you imagine. Rather than purchasing new supplies, consider renting items from one of our preferred vendors or purchasing something gently used. Many necessities can also be purchased at the campus store. Make your move-in motto "when in doubt, leave it out."
    • Certain items are restricted in your room but can be used in your lounge space, while others are completely prohibited from your hall. Know what items you can or can't bring before you travel to campus.
    • Before you start shipping textbooks and other belongings to your room, check our mailing information to make sure you have the right mailing address and that your delivery date is after our package rooms open on date TBD.

Additional Information

Assignment and Room Changes

New spring students are often filling in vacancies from departing fall students. Housing & Residence Life makes an effort to meet room type requests and match roommates as closely as possible. No room change requests will be processed prior to move-in, but students are eligible for the spring room change process beginning January 27.

Spring Meal Plans

EagleBucks associated with a spring meal plan will activate on your One Card on Sunday, January 12. If you are a new incoming student, your EagleBucks will be active once you receive your One Card. Meal Plans will be available beginning 4 p.m. on January 12, 2020.

Email One Card & Dining Services for questions regarding your meal plan (mealplans@american.edu), EagleBucks (eaglebucks@american.edu), and AU One Card (idcards@american.edu).

Don't Forget to Bring

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