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Academic Resources

We have a variety of resources to support you on your academic journey. Browse the tools below for useful information grouped by theme. 

To add a planner to your Google Drive where it can be customized:  Select your preferred planner from the list below-->Click the link--> select 'File' from the top toolbar-->'Make a Copy' from the drop-down menu-->'Save' from the pop-up box.

Kurzweil 3000: Upload electronic files, including Word, PDF, HTML, and EPUB documents, to hear text read aloud. Annotate within the document, and export your notes and highlights into study guides.  

Tips & Resources: View the Writing Center's resources to help you organize your papers, understand proper citations, and more. 

Videos: Quick videos to walk you through creating a project plan, developing an argument, and more. 

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Instructional Video: 7 Day Planner


Create your own 7 Day Hourly/Class Schedule Planner. 

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