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Academic Support and Access Leadership Team

Academic Support Team

Nicole Cannizzaro Assistant Director, Tutoring & Development Academic Support and Access Center

Nicole joined the Academic Support and Access Center in December of 2017. As Assistant Director of Tutoring and Program Development, she manages the Tutoring Lab and Tutor Referral System, provides ac

Neisha-Anne Green Director, Academic Student Services Writing Center CAS - Literature

Academic Interests: Social Justice Pedagogy, Writing Center Theory and Practice, Writing Center Tutor Education What began as volunteer work has blossomed into passion for Neisha-Anne. Outside of he

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Ricardo Maisonneuve Manager, Supplemental Instruction & Tutoring Academic Support and Access Center

Ricardo received his Bachelor's in Multimedia Journalism from Florida Atlantic University. He is also an American University alumnus, receiving his Master's in Education with a concentration in Curric

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Disability Support Team

Erica Gillaspy Adjunct Instructor Academic Support and Access Center

As the Assistant Director, Disability Support, I oversee the accommodation team in the Academic Support and Access Center. This includes dining, housing, interpretive, notetaking, physical, temporary

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Amanda Kleinman Disability Access Advisor

Amanda Kleinman joined American University in July of 2018. Amanda had previously been a K-12 special education resource teacher (1998-2010). In 2010, Amanda founded the office of Disability Support a

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Anna Whiston Disability Access Advisor Academic Support and Access Center

Anna joined the Academic Support and Access Center in fall 2013. Prior to serving the general AU population as an ASAC Counselor, Anna worked with the Learning Services Program as the program's Counse

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Learning Services Program Staff

Nancy Sydnor-Greenberg Coordinator, Learning Services Program Academic Support and Access Center

Nancy Sydnor-Greenberg has been Coordinator of the Learning Services Program in the Academic Support and Access Center since the fall of 2005. Prior to joining AU, she worked as a free-lance writer fo

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Operations and Front Office Team

Student-Athlete Support Program Team

Erin Saunders Senior Academic Counselor-Student Athletes Academic Support and Access Center

Erin Saunders is the Academic Support Counselor for Student-Athletes in the Student-Athlete Support Program. A major focus of her role is to provide academic support to Men’s and Women’s Swimming and

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Spencer Bonahoom Adjunct Instructor Athletics and Recreation

Spencer Bonahoom is the Academic and Life Skills Counselor for student-athletes. A member of the Student-Athlete Support Program, he provides academic support to the wrestling, women’s soccer, field h

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